In order to get the cheats to be available you must have:

  1. Castles' Divine Room Must be fully upgraded.
  2. Main Quest must be advanced enough to meet angels Cial and Lialle.
  3. And Do! ...Try NOT to be Evil....

So... Basically, try to get the following done at least...

  • a.) Get Sichil her mansion. (Oh! ..the smell of Orc guts and Ozone)
  • b.) Get Christine and the girls' milk farm going. (Love that Sweet, Sweaty, Cow-Girl Goodness)
  • c.) Get Anasta Brothel going in Ceeves Ocean Capital. (Enjoy the Interviews/Casting Couch tryouts!)
  • d.) Work with Michelle enough to have her staying at your in castle. (Smugglers, Bandits, and, Ruffians: Grinder Time!!)
  • e.) Go Adventuring in the Fuar north! (Conquer the Darkshine Mines!)
  • f.) Get Delira to go to your castle. (Catch the Killer Priests and track down their Antagonistic Bosses)

...and don't forget to collect some artwork along the way!

While some of the above MAY not be necessary, it does help with the Divine income...

Once you've got the Cheats available in the Divines' Room...

  • 469887 == 100.000 gold
  • 133700 == 100.000 XP
  • 284679 == 2.000 Summoning Experience
  • 967425 == Learn the Uber spell

Realize using these codes will enable the CHEATER flag!