Here you will find detailed walkthroughs to all the quests of the game, and all the ways of completing each quests.

Mysterious CaveEdit

You come to inside a cave. After a short internal monologue, you will be allowed to pick your name.

Easter Egg Alert: Easter Egg Not Found - Fans of Metroid will notice there are just enough spaces to type in "Justin Bailey". Please note that you are not Samus Aran. Your suit does not vanish allowing you to play through as an attractive woman in her underwear. (Probably for the best, since underwear is something like a -300 armor). As such, you can feel confident naming yourself whatever you would like here, it makes no real difference (Not present in new versions, leaving space for only "Justin Baile" without the "y", and the characters like "JustinBailey" doesnt work as well).

Directly south of you is a chest, open it for a potion.

You will notice a ghost enemy floating around near the exit to the room. This is a scripted encounter you have to fight, but be aware that you can see and avoid most enemies in this game.

Your first fight will be with two ghosts. You're using a stick and a ragged robe, so don't expect much melee damage. Try light or dark spells instead. (Both seem to work equally, but are perhaps based on your alignment later). Concentrate fire on a single enemy to remove them, then focus on the next. Ghosts can miss, and this will reduce the amount of damage you take.

After the fight, you will have another short discussion with yourself, then find another chest. You'll score another potion here, which you can use to heal yourself up for the next battle.

Boss Battle: Captor and Ghost

This is a short battle, spells are again the way to defeat the ghost. Be aware that your captor defends (halving his melee damage taken). Winning or losing is not important to the game here, as both lead to you leaving the cave without having killed the Captor. It is possible to beat the boss, but it requires both potions and a fair bit of luck both here and in the previous battle. Basically, you need to conserve your hp and mp, and luck out in battle by having your enemies constantly miss or defend. Getting that perfect first battle where you take no damage and use no items is difficult, saving after and then having a great boss fight is even more so. Best to simply move on with your defeat, but you will get a lvl up from the very start if you do beat him so keep that in mind.

After the boss battle, (no matter how it went), you will be left with a teleport circle and an empty cave. Step on it and you're done with this section of the game.

Deserted Shore / Path to EverlightEdit

NOTE: Once you land along this shoreline, walk along the shoreline south (it is a very short shoreline) look closely at the ground you should see a moving small brown animal this is a Magic Squirrel. Hit 'enter' to interact (your character says something like "Squirrel Sooo Fluffy") However a dialog box appears saying you have found a squirrel who is giving you sh*t, at this point you end up with 1,000,000 gold and your character is at level 52 (battle experience) you also have Mylridd armor, and a Myridd sword.

WARNING: If you choose the magic squirrel you will miss out on two enemies, the bees in the forest, and the lizards in the desert (the desert north of Oak-Lei Long). This boost from the squirrel may cause the game to act buggy, you know the game isn't a "final polished version" so any updates or things implemented by the game maker are bound to have issues, please report any major and minor bugs to this site...... Current version AloneXP

You'll end up on a deserted shoreline. Once you get moving again, head east and you'll encounter your first NPC in the tent ahead. You can pick how to deal with this NPC for minor alignment points. Then you'll sleep off the effects of your battle and head out of the tent to meet Alice. She'll give you some minor exposition, (which should create as many questions as it answers if you remember your last battle with a MALE captor). And you'll be on your way south to Everlight Village through the spooky forest. (East again from the tent is the path to Fuar village, you can't go there right now but you'll want to remember this for later.) You can battle bees in the forest, and return to Alice's tent to sleep off any battle damage. This is good for a few levels if you want to grind a bit. You can find a potion northeast in the forest and a Mysterious strongbox (purpose still unknown to me - a quest item to deliver to a woman in the capital) in the southwest near the pond.

(The slimes are still in the game? I didn't find them in the forest. I did, as a rare boss encounter.)

Boss Battle: Slimes

Battling these creatures is completely optional, (and you get a dialogue option to opt out of a fight if you want to wait until much later). They're tough enough to give you a hard time even at level 38, and they only drop porn items right now. *Very* rarely, you will capture one of the slimes to keep in your upcoming castle. Thus, it's probably best to put this one off until much later in the game, (when you have a castle and there is content to use said slime in). You'll be coming back to this forest a few times, anyway. Capture rate is something like 1 out of 100 battles, and the slimes themselves are semi-rare spawns. There are multiple colors of slimes, the porn drops are semi randomized, and you can capture at least one of every type of slime.

Skipping onward...

Everlight Village Edit

As you enter the village you can find a chest (potion) near the fence. Other chest can be found in the barracks containing potions and gold.

Helping Gina squid hunting

When you enter the Village (directly south of the forest) you'll come to your first optional quest. Enter the building on the left and talk to the girl (Gina), once she give you the quest go back to the southwest of the forest you just exit (where you find the strongbox), beat the monster and go talk to Gina again.

Reward: 150 Gold

Help Gina find girls

Right after you complete the quest about the monster you can talk to Gina again to receive another quest. This time you need to get personal to work in the farm. You need to talk to two women in the village directly south of the farm, a blonde (in front of the item shop) and a brunette girl (between the last house to the right and the house of the mayor). You can recruit both, though recruiting the brunette is an alignment choice. Talk to Gina one last time, she will reward you and offer you to watch her/them "work".

Reward: 100 / 150 (both girls)

Main quest

Enter the church and talk to the Priest (Amalia), the conversation will be interrupted by Lieutenant Cilia, she will inform about a invasion, defeat the invaders and talk to Amalia again, you will learn the teleportation skill in the process. After that you will need to head south to defeat the rest of the forces. In the forest you can find 3 chest in side paths containing 200 gold, a potion and a Iron Sword. Once you explore the forest and defeat all the orcs in the camp you will need to go back and talk with Amalia again, so just use the teleportation skill to go back. She will tell you that you need to speak with the high priest in the capital, so to reach there you will need to past the mountains and a little desert to reach Rei-Long Oak and get a escort in order to go to the capital. But as you can guess the roads aren't safe, but that's not something that is gonna stop you, so along the way you will have to clear the path and kill 3 orc warchiefs. So once again go to the forest but this time where you defeat the invaders you will have to go north (where the message about telling you to go and inform pop out and didn't let you go further). You will need to travel through the mountains, you can't acess the stairs so don't bother just go east. You will find a chest in the road (200 gold), another in the cave (same 200 gold) and a third one (Iron Helm) before you encounter you first orc warchief. Continue the travel and as you enter the second cave you will see another chest (Iron armor), and at the end of this cave after you defeat your second warchief on the left side another chest (Iron Rod). Once you enter the third cave in the second floor you will see a chest (potion), another one in third floor in front of the bar like stuff and in this floor you will defeat your last orc warchief. Continue your travel, as you enter the desert you will see a chest, this one can be access through a path on the left side near the entrance to Rei-Long Oak.

The missing documents

After you beat the invaders you can start this quest. Go west from the village until you reach the barracks, enter the building and go talk to the woman (Pia) behind the counter on the left near the entrance. After she gave you the quest you will need to go to the forest at the south of the village. So go south and enter the very first side path to the left (like going northwest). Fight the orc and defeat it. Now you should have the documents so go back and talk to Pia to get your reward. After she gives you the reward you have a alignment choice which lead to a scene.

Reward: 200 Gold

Simple physical attacks

After you beat the invaders you can start this quest. Go to the item shop and buy a dildo. Now go west from the village until you reach the barracks, enter the building and go to the second floor, just as you enter you will see 2 persons near each other, a soldier (blue uniform) and a app major (red uniform). Talk to the major (Cam), she will ask you to go and buy the dildo (which we buy beforehand). Talk to her again to give her the item and she will teach you a skill as reward. You can ask her for training to learn 2 more skills but this time will cost you (Leg sweep 800 and Power break 600).

Reward: Skill Cross Cut and possible training

Helping the mayor 1

Reward: 2500 Gold (whole family) / 1500 Gold (seriously? you picked this one?)

Helping the mayor 2

Reward: 500 Gold + 100 XP (Same for both choices)

Bandits of Everlight

Reward: 8000 Gold

The meaty godness

After you beat the invaders you can start this quest. Talk to the woman below the inn (Sichil), you need to get at least 5 orc meats to advance the quest (you should have at least 3 already) so go and hunt for some more at the forest. You will need at least 35 orc meat to complete most of the quest so I suggest you get it all before going back. Once you give her the first 5 you need to talk to her again and she will then start buying you the meat (10 gold for each piece) so sell her the rest of the meat and she will tell you some stuff and finish the conversation. Talk to her again and she will tell you about the shop. So now go and visit her, just go south and then east from the village. Enter the only building she then will tell you to go and get the personal which is in the village below the inn (same spot she was). Talk to the long hair girl (Nanna) and head back once again to the shop. She will be explaining stuff to the personal, afterwards she will tell you to deliver a letter to a merchant in front of a temple in the capital. You can now buy her cooked orc meat for 200 gold (recovers 800 hp) and sell her more orc meat for 75 gold.

Reward: ???

A pinch at the barracks

Slackers are for slackers

After you beat the invaders you can start this quest. Talk to the soldier (blue uniform) besides the major house. She will tell you to go and talk to her superior (a sergeant) about giving her a break, go to the barracks to the west, enter the building and go to the are with the beds talk to the only person in there (yellow armor). She will tell you that the soldier in question is just a lazy noble kid, you can either still ask for the break or make her work, depending on which decision you make is the reward you get. Either way you need to talk to the soldier again. If you decide to make her work you will need to go and talk with the sergeant again.

Reward: 100 exp (make her work) / 200 gold (give her a break)

Deserting the army

After you beat the invaders you can start this quest. Go west from the village until you reach the barracks, speak to the Drill sergeant (yellow uniform).

Fuar Edit

Rei-Long Oak Edit

There is a chest (potion) in the arena room for contestants also you can sleep in here for free once you win at least 1 fight in the arena.

The Soldiers Letter

Helping Liz in the inn

Talk to the black dressed girl which is the inn owner (Liz) to start the quest, she will tell you about a 3 step plan. For the first step you need to talk to 3 people, a old woman near the merchant in front of the casino, a brunette in front of the quest table (which is as well in front of the casino) and a "ninja" chick in the weapon store. Go talk to Liz again to start the second part, she will tell you to go and talk to the blacksmith wife, so go to the weapon store and talk to her (she is in the back of the store). In order to get her help we need to go and hunt some bandits to get a letter back so head north of the town back to the desert. The bandits will not be far away from the town, they are northeast. Once you beat them loot the 4 chests (potion, Lirellas wife's letter, jewel adorned dagger and 200 Gold) and go back to talk with Lirellas wife. Once that is done go and talk with Liz again for the last part of the plan. So now with the data go and talk with the town boss personal toy (the naked girl near the bed in the boss house). So like everyone else she will ask something in order to help, so for this one you need to collect some sort of plants that grow in the desert, this stuff isn't like any plan (at least not what you see in the map) is something like smoke, so go near the smoke and collect the stuff. You need tot collect 5 but there are 7 in the map. There is 1 near the entrace of the desert in both ends, but the rest of them are west of the first one you see (the one that is near the town entrace) in the path you take to get the chest that you see when you first enter the desert, so once you collect 5 (or all of them) go back and talk to the toy.

Magic Training

Elven Priest in the arena

Once you've beaten a few warriors in the Arena, you will get to face an Elven Priest that came all the way here. The fight organizer tells you she has beaten your opponent so she can take her place in order to test your strength. Just beat her. She's not that hard (*jokes*).

Once you've done that, you'll get a special (Futanari) sex scene with her if you talk to her close to your bed in the Arena.

Mysterious woman

Talk to the old woman on the west side of Rei-Long Oak, she will tell you to go and hunt an Imp to recover a potion that he stole. You will find it on the south-eastern part of the desert. Once you got the potion, two choices : You can either give the potion back to the old woman (she's a witch), or use it. If you choose the latter, you'll get a better reward, but she'll curse you (not sure if there are side effects). You can also just drink it and never talk to her so you are sure to get the best reward.

Lej Vhakh

Casino Fluffies

The diary of a madwoman

The Casino

Ceeves Ocean - Capital Edit