Everlight Village is the first town that you encounter in Alone.

Everlight is a small community, surrounded by farmland and forests, with mountains in the distance. This town will introduce you to various important aspects of the game, including offering you your first quests, getting acquainted with the church and military, giving you access to an inn and item shop, and providing you with your first prostitutes. All in all, it would be a lovely little burg if not for those pesky bands of marauding orcs!


A lot of quests are available in the Everlight section of the game. Some are not inside the actual Village, rather starting outside the village's limits but still counts as an "Everlight" quest in the in game quest journal.

Other quests start in other cities and end up in Everlight. 

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Helping Gina squid huntingEdit

Gina is the owner of the farm north of Everlight and can be found in the farmhouse. She informs you that one of their land squids has recently escaped and asks the Divine's help in recapturing it. The creature can be found in the area to the north that you had to pass through to reach Everlight, near a pond in the south-western corner (make sure to open the chest near the pond - the mysterious strongbox inside is a quest item that you will need later!). After defeating the squid the Divine discovers he can create a disc of energy to carry the unconscious squid back to the farm.

Help Gina Find girlsEdit

This quest is unlocked by completing the "Helping Gina squid hunting" quest. There are two girls in Everlight that can be convinced to join you, and you must speak to them both.

The first one is found just below the Everlight shop. She will gladly join and is thrilled over the opportunity.

The second one is the black haired girl north of the well near the item shop. She, on the other hand, is only looking out for her family and really does not want to take the job. You here get the choice to convince her to take it, or to accept her choice not to work at the farm. If you choose to accept her choice, the girl will later tell you that her family's situation changed and everything worked out alright in the end. If you push for her to go to work at the farm, she is violently used by the creatures until she is only a shell of her former self.

If you choose to recruit both girls, you are rewarded with 150g and two sex scenes. If you choose to recruit only the blonde girl, you are rewarded with 100g and one sex scene.

The missing documentsEdit

This quest is obtained from Pia, an administrator who can be found of the ground floor of the Everlight barracks (to the left as you enter). The documents are held by an orc in the forest to the south of Everlight. After entering the forest, follow the path to the west until it turns north-west into an old camp. You will see an orc standing under some trees there. Kill the orc to retrieve the documents.

When you return with the documents, Pia will offer you a reward of 200g. There is an option to press Pia for an additional physical reward. Doing so will emotionally damage the girl and she will never speak to you again, but otherwise offers up an additional sex scene and has no real impact on your character.

Simple physical attacksEdit

This quest is obtained by talking to Cam, an officer on the upper floor of the Everlight barracks. She informs the Divine that her dildo was stolen during an orc raid. Needless to say, she doesn't want it back, but asks you to buy her a replacement. This is simply a matter of visiting the local shop, buying a dildo from the top-most merchant (500G), and returning to Cam. She will then train you in the Cross Cut skill and agree to train you further for a small cost.

Leg Sweep - 800G

Power Break - 600G

Helping the mayor 1Edit

This quest is unlocked after visiting the leader of Rei Long-Oak and gaining the caravan.

The mayor of Everlight will tell you that her daughters are out of control and that she has created a plan to help straighten their behavior up. Namely, she would like for you to impregnate her daughters, believing that either the understanding that they will be mothers or the knowledge that they are carrying the children of the Divine will cause the girls to behave themselves. If you agree to this, you will have to go to the store and purchase condoms with the money that the mayor gives you, then approach each of her daughters individually. When you have sex with each girl, the Divine comes up with a clever way to work around the condom in order to get each girl pregnant. Be warned, however, that one of the girls (Ann, in the upper right bedroom) has overheard her mother's plans and wants nothing to do with it. She will run away and you will have to follow her. --It is worth mentioning that there is a fight ahead of you that is extremely difficult. At level 7, with full iron gear, I am unable to win the fight. After reaching level 9, with access to the Heal spell learned in Rei-Long Oak and using about 6 potions, I was able to win the fight after getting a break on the RNG fire attacks. (Alternatively, raise your summoning skill above 200 to summon medium level monsters. If you roll an angel, you can make her heal you each turn while you attack the orcs.) -- One of the maids will stop you as you prepare to leave the house, telling you that Ann left with two guards. Travel south of Everlight, through the forest to the mountains. In the first screen, you will be confronted with two injured guards who explain that Ann was kidnapped by orcs. You are given the choice of helping the guards, which teleports them back to the church in Everlight, or leaving them there. Proceed to the screen with the first cave entrance and there is a brief scene with an orc who runs into the cave. When you enter, go north and find Ann in the north-west corner of the cave with three orc kidnappers. All three can use a rather hard hitting fire spell and the fight can be difficult, especially if they all begin using fire on you.

After defeating the orcs, you are treated to a cutscene with Ann where she thanks you and agrees to bear your child. You will be transported to her house in Everlight and she will tell you to come upstairs to her room. Speak with her again and you will unlock her sex scene and impregnate her.

Speak with Maria to get your reward, but first she will ask you to impregnate her, as well! If you agree, you get a sex scene. Your reward for doing this quest is 2,500g.

​Helping the mayor 2Edit

This quest is unlocked by speaking with the mayor again after impregnating all of her daughters.

The mayor is worried about her daughter, Lisa. She asks you to find out what is the matter. You can enter Lisa's bedroom (upper left room) and read through her diary to find out that Lisa doesn't think her mother loves her, though she loves her mother very much. After reading the diary, go and speak with the mayor and tell her what you found. She will set out to make things right with Lisa and reward you with 500g and 100xp.

Bandits of EverlightEdit

This quest is unlocked by completing Helping the mayor 2 and is received from Maria, mayor of Everlight Village.

Maria explains that the local farmers have been reporting bandits in the area. The mayor would like for you to go into the forest north of Everlight and confront the bandits to figure out what is going on.

Enter the forest north of Everlight and you will find the bandits at the campsite next to the old ruins in the middle of the forest. The three will tell you that they are part of a larger group called Sky Fall and a fight will ensue. Defeat them and get a letter containing information on the bandit's camp that you can take back to Maria. When you do, she will tell you that she needs to verify that the letter isn't part of an ambush and ask you to head to the barracks and ask a sergeant named Lilian to come to Maria's house to discuss attacking the bandit's camp.

Enter the barracks and head up the stairs. You will find Lilian to the right (red hair, blue armor) standing near a long table. When you speak with her, she will immediately head to Maria's house. Return to Maria's house and speak with her. She will tell you that she has learned that it is not an attempted bandit ambush and that she has a plan to attack the bandits. When you insist that you will go and attack them, Maria changes her plan, saying that you should go into the mountains and battle the bandit's leader while she sends out Lilian and some soldiers to deal with the other members of Sky Fall.

Proceed through the forest and into the mountains. When you enter the caves, you will begin to find Sky Fall bandits roaming the caves along with the usual trolls. Kill or ignore them as you like. You will find the Sky Fall bandits' leader, Katy Din, where you fought the second orc chief earlier in the game.

After you defeat Katy Din, Lilian will come in and say that they captured most of the bandit troops and officers. You will automatically be taken back to Everlight where Katy Din will be sentenced to 40 years on prisoner island. You'll also notice that Katy Din is smiling and acting suspicious at various times throughout the events after her defeat. Maria will take you to her home to give you a reward of 8,000g and to confess her love to you.

Accepting Maria as your lover only makes her return to her bedroom and display a message stating that the player should bug Crouler about creating more sex scenes for Maria. On the other hand, if you refuse her, she remains in her usual spot and tells you that you have done Everlight a great service, but has nothing for you to do at the moment.

​A pinch in the barracksEdit

This quest is obtained from Mille (second floor of the barracks, upper left corner of the main room - girl with red hair and red armor).

Mille will explain to you that things in the barracks have gotten a little crazy due to the orc raids and that she needs the expertise of senior officer Sehal to reorganize the barracks and get things running smoothly again. Mille wants you to go to the capital and seek out Sehal, then ask her to come to Everlight to lend a hand. You can find Sehal in the library of the Queen's Castle and, after talking with her, you will be automatically teleported outside of the barracks at Everlight. Go inside and head upstairs to find Mille and Sehal talking. When you walk in, they will talk (in Sehal's case, mostly talk over you!) for a bit and then you will be tasked with going to kill a troll in the forest.

In the forest, start out going south and then head west and up into the old campsite. You will find the troll there. Dispatch him and return to tell Sehal of your success. She will ask you to find her the old barracks maintenance report (second floor, northwest bedroom in the bookshelf). Grab the report, talk to Mille, then head outside to Sehal. You get some training as a reward (150xp) and 1,000g.

Slackers are for SlackersEdit

You get this quest from the soldier in Everlight Village. She tells you that she is badly in need of some time off and asks that you go speak with her Sergeant in the barracks. When you speak with the Sergeant (enter barracks, turn right, then up), she will tell you that the soldier is a slacker who needs more discipline. You are given the option of telling the Sergeant to give the soldier time off or agreeing that the girl needs to be worked harder. If you choose to make the soldier work harder, you must return to her in Everlight and deliver the news. She is not very pleased with you, but follows you back to the barracks anyway. The Sergeant offers you some training, as well (100xp).

Deserting the armyEdit

You obtain this quest by speaking to the Drill Sergeant outside the Everlight barracks. She will inform you that 3 young soldiers have recently deserted and asks the Divine to persuade them to come back.

The soldiers are found in the capital, so you cannot complete the quest until you can go there. Once there, go to the church area. You'll find the soldiers in the south-western part of the area. They will explain why they ran away, followed by you getting three options:

  1. Let them stay
  2. Convince them to return
  3. Fight them

No matter what your choice, once you have completed this part, you just have to return to the drill sergeant in Everlight to complete the quest (you get 1000 Gold for your troubles).

Notable NPC'sEdit

The village of everlight has several important NPC's. Some are there from the starts while others appear throughout the story.

Maria - Mayor of Everlight Edit

Maria is a potential lover or concubine. While she has yet to be added to the castle she is able to become a lover of the Divine already. She is involved in a lot of quests in Everlight and is mentioned by npc's around the world.

Maria is one of the richest people in all of Emrionge, the country the game is taking place in, however she chose to buy a house and sponsor a barracks to protect her people, which spawned the village of Everlight.

She is depicted as a good-hearted person who has 5 daughters who are all involved in a questline.

The mayors artwork is from (同人CG集) [charm point] まちゅあ 淫乱巨乳人妻さなえ.

The mayors Daughters Edit

The daughters of the mayors are part of a questline from the mayor herself where the mayor wants them to settle down and have children.

Their names are: Mia, Lisa, Cathrin, Ann and Caylira.

Lisa's part has been known to bug up, however it is mentioned on the blog that a possible fix is in the works.

Amalia - Priest of Everlight Edit

Amalia is the priest in Everlight. She is the one who tells the Divine a bit about how to proceed when the player first arrives there.

Not much is known about her so far, however, High Priest Delira in the Capital, Ceeves Ocean, mentions Amalia by name, hinting that Amalia has connections to the high priest, making her either a very high ranking priest or somehow connected to Delira.

Later in the game, Amalia can, depending on the choices of the divine, take in three robbers who will then help around Everlight to redeem themselves if the Divine allows them to live.

Colonel Tarrie Edit

Colonel Tarrie has yet to be added to the game.

She is mentioned as one of the greatest warriors and strategic minds in Emrionge. It is mentioned that she said no to becoming a general, the highest rank in the army. She has a house in Everlight, though it is empty so far. It has been mentioned on the official blog that she is going to have a large role in the game at a later time.

Satal and Rieben Edit

These are the two parents of the soldier you helped deliver a letter to (A Soldiers Letter, from the Lei-Long Oak quest).

After your done delivering the final letter back to the soldier you can revisit their home, at first only the soldier and Satal are around. But as you progress through the game you should go back, every now and then. At some point you can have sex with Satal, afterwards as you continue to progress through the game check back and at some point have sex with Rieben. There's also a chest that appears which has some secrets (nothing to do with the progression of the game) just some fun things about Rieben and Satals sex lives.

Really is only for your "sex" stats, and some H-scenes!