Fuar is one of the northernmost cities in Emrionge. This snowy part of the country houses the Technomancy Facility (T.Facility for sort), a place for "some" of the most brilliant minds in Emrionge to research the nature of magic in their attempt to split the Thaum (the basic unit of magic. Defined as the amount of magic which is needed to create a white pigeon or three billiard balls). Trouble brewing in a nearby mine has lead to the death of a number of people and has placed Fuar's inhabitants in imminent, unknown danger.

CODED PAPERS -- While in Faur if you come across two soldiers, one a recruit (in blue) the other a ranking officer (yellow/silver) go into the house to their left, its up on a slight hill with a very narrow set of steps. You'll see two women in the home one complains about wanting to live in Lei-Long Oak while the other says her wife is just upset because of the cold weather. Go to up two sets of stairs you be on the Third floor, notice the desk with papers, you can interact with hem (get next to them press 'enter' on your keypad) their coded but the divine is able to decipher the code, its a little joke, and is not a clue or any type of information that will help out in the game.


The Technomancy Facility Edit

The T.Facility is a somewhat large building located north of Fuar. It was founded by Bellatrix Avaneta Katarina Magven after she was thrown out off all the magical colleges and institutions for being;" ill tempered, stubborn, unruly, over competitive, over enthusiastic, and just 'mad' ". Created out of spite as much as it was for genuine thaumaturgic intrigue and research, it has been rejected, discredited, and denounced by the aforementioned institutions and colleges. Even with such a damning reputation, it still draws in researchers and students who are equally enthusiastic about unraveling the mysteries and questions behind magic. While its main priority is research, its secondary has always been to make magic a common commodity for all. The incorporation of magic into technology to improve the standard of living.

Quests Edit

Sciencey stuff Edit

To get this quest you have first visit Rei-Long Oak and check bounty board next to arena entrance. Take request from T.Facility and travel to Fuar. When you approach the village go to the north until you reach big building. Go inside and you will have short conversation with Magven - leader of scientists. She won't believe that you are a Divine but it doesn't matter. You are here for job. She will tell you about missing miners. They disappeared two weeks ago but whatever. It is obvious that they are dead for now but you have to investigate it.

Go south from Facility until you reach crossroads with two stairs. Turn left - to the west - and at the end of this route you will reach entrance to Darkshine mine. Go inside and check everything you can find.

At first area there is a letter lying on the ground (Mine Letter) which is currently useless but who knows? You can also find Field Notes (page from book) which is also currently useless. Just collect it. In the chest you can find 2 full potions.

At second area you can find Elixir in the chest and nothing more so go further in to third area of mines.

At third area you will find Mimic (but not the same as those with Ancient Items) so you can kill him for some XP and Full Potion. What is more important you will also find a necklace next to that mimic. Last thing is an Journal on the end of cavern. If you will be close enough to it then event will start. Your character will touch an green crystal and after that you need to report everything to Magven so go back to T.Facility now and talk to her. You will hand over journal and necklace found at mines (which is required for another quest - "The shrine of virility"). Your reward for that part will be 200XP and 1000 gold.

Leave the building and go inside again just to pop up another event. Talk to Magven and after short conversation another researcher will join you - Ros. She will also accompany you with another journey to Darkshine mines. Go back to this place and you will find her standing just next to the entrance. Talk to her and go inside. This time just go until you reach this strange green crystal. Interact with it and Ros will collect it. After that you will be attacked by strange humanoid (Lost Researcher). Win the battle and you will be moved to T.Facility. Another conversation with Magven and Ros will take place and you will be rewarded with 700XP and 2000 gold this time.

Leave building again and go inside just to trigger another event allowing you to talk to Magven. Do it and after another conversation she will send you back to the mines for more crystals. This time however wont be that easy. Enemies appeared in whole cavern and at first you will be attacked by few Spore Minds (they are weak) so defeat them. You can easy avoid another fights with those "red flames" so just go to the place where you found first green crystal. This time you can go inside small entrance on wall. Go inside and you will have to defeat bunch of worms attacking you. It is just first of two battles now. Second will be with another bunch of worms and Lost Researcher (boss). Kill them and search for small green crystals. At first area you will find two of them. At second (to the right) you can find only one at the middle but be careful! Another battle will start and this time you have to kill not only worms but also another boss (Creeping Death). Deal with those enemies and after short monologue and inspections go back to first area and then go north. At this area you will be attacked few times by worms walking under ground. There is no way to avoid battles with them so prepare yourself for few battles. You can find there another two crystals. Go to the last - fourth area and collect another two crystals. At the end of the cavern you will find an altar with last crystal next to it. Interact with it and you will have to fight with another bunch of insects. They are pretty strong so better prepare yourself for that! High amount of HP and strong poison + debuffs! After this fight you will immediately escape from mines. Go back to Magven and tell her what happens. Your reward for this part is 1101XP and 3100 gold.

To go further in with this quest you have to leave Facility area for once (not only building but whole area) and then go back to trigger another event. This time when you enter the building you will notice Magven talking to another researcher Bernet. After their conversation she will invite you downstairs where you will meet another researchers - Francesca and Shirley. They will send you again to the Darkshine mines just to burn all eggs and kill the Queen of those worms with some sort of new weapon called "Hot Stuff" (fire thrower). Easy task right? NOPE! Prepare for pretty hard battle... I mean it... Really hard... You can also talk to researchers before you go to your "suicide mission". From Ros you will get an prototype weapon - Squidger (explodes when used in battle - helpful or not... decide by yourself).

When you are prepared already (many potions, many antidotes and Ancient gear) go back to Darkshine mines and go inside until you reach area with this strange altar. Be aware that this time you will be attacked more often by those ground worms. Also when you reach last area you will be attacked two times by normal insects (those with wings) and finally the Queen will appear! She is strong... You can use Squidger (like 2700 dmg to this boss... yeah... pathetic...). Queen have like 30 000HP and she hits hard. After you defeat her your character will burn everything and then you will be back to T.Facility with back problems. Ros will fix it and you will end up upstairs on the bed... sleeping. Anyway. Go downstairs and talk to Magven. She will tell you that Darkshine Mine is now locked up and she will send you to Shirley at the basement for an reward but actually you have to talk to Francesca to get it (confusing right? You can still talk to Shirley for new dialogue if you want). Your reward for that part is 3000XP and 3000 gold along with Power Gauntlet (an accessory item). You can either choose for this item to boost your mdef or Int.

Currently there is no more missions for T.Facility so we need to wait until Crouler will add more plot for this.

Naked Woman Edit

Beside the inn is a naked woman. She has recently been robbed and is requesting a coat which can be gotten at the store in town for 5000$ and promises you a nice reward for this if you know what i mean.

Upon entering the store you will be confronted by her angry partner (Shaira). She will reveal her plan and ask you if you can join her to punish her wife. You can either agree or not. Get the coat and return to naked woman. Go inside the Inn and talk to her again about your reward. After sex you can reveal true intentions of her wife or not. Afterwards don't forget to head to the their house to claim your reward which is Shaira ass (if you did what she wanted). Their house is on the center area of Fuar (left to the store).

Bandit's Bones Edit

Just above the inn there is a bandit standing by the stairs upon giving her 100$ she will enter the inn inside further talk to her discover she will pay 10$ for each cobold bone you bring her.

Once you have given her 100 bones she will ask you how you got that many - because her bosses want to know. After that continue to bring her bones until you have given her at least 150 bones.

Dead Eye's bosses want to meet her because she has become the best hunter they have. The meeting takes place in Fuar's church. After listening to the conversation for a bit you can reveal that you did all the bone gathering, or keep quiet.

If you do NOT reveal the truth lady Dire leaves and Dead Eye goes back to the inn. You can still give her bones for 10 gold, and you can also give her Cobold Teddies for 50 gold each.

If you reveal that you are the one that got all of the bones lady Dire is not happy with Dead Eye at all. You get 5000 gold, Dead Eye leaves, and lady Dire remains at the Fuar inn. You can now sell her bones for the full 100 gold per bone, and you get 500 gold per cobold teddy you bring her.

NOTE: Not sure if there is more to this, back in the church lady Dire said about talking with her, I'm not sure if you have to collect, or how many you need to collect/sale of teddies and bones. To find out if this quest progresses or if this is just a way to make extra money. I have to ask Crouler about this....

The thief in the church Edit

You can start this quest by talking to one of priests inside the Church (most western house in whole Fuar). She will tell you about valuable relics disappearing from this Church and obviously your mission is to investigate this problem.

Now go to the area where you can find Inn and focus on most eastern house there. Next to this house you can find necklace. Interact with it and naked Succubi will appear just to start battle with you. Defeat this demon and collect necklace by interacting with it again and go back to the Church. Before entrance you will be stopped by another Succubi. After short conversation you have to choose between two options: - "Stop raiding the churches" or "Fine, keep doing it...". It probably won't impact on your character either way so choose what you want and go collect your reward from Priest inside the building.

NOE: If you chose --do not raid-- they stop, if you chose --continue attacks-- the Divine realizes he may have made a mistake, noticing the one who attack him was butt naked, and without wings, he yells out for the succubus to come back. Of course she doesn't, but just before she leaves she mentions they may meet up again. Hilariously if you pick "allow attacks" after the dialog you will be rewarded with "Blueballs". (and for those who don't know it is a term for a male that hasn't had sex in awhile, use a search engine to get an explanation)

It makes me curious what effects the continued attacks will have, I'm thinking of heading back to the Temple in Ceeves Ocean to ask the priest (at the alter) since there hasn't been anything for her to give you, in the way of missions. Maybe the Succubus attacks will happen throughout the other Temples.

Reward: 1000 xp and 1000 gold

NOTE: Not sure, but regardless of your answer this is somehow seems linked to the invisible little guy who you eventually run into in Rei-Long Oak. He is near the entrance, as you either leave Rei-Long Oak or as you are entering Rei-Long Oak (if you took the escort to Rei-Long Oak.

Hide and go seek gone wrong Edit

To start this quest you have to find a little girl hiding behind big house at the area just east to the city. She may be hard to notice at first but you should be able to find her head there. Talk to her and she will ran away and hide somewhere else. You have to find her again.

To do that you need to leave city to the crossroads (southern exit) and then turn right to east. There you can notice little girl and three Kobolds who want to eat her. Two options appear... Help or leave it. If you choose to be not involved she will be eaten and only blood will remain on the ground there (don't do this!). If you choose to help her then you will need to kill those three Kobolds and after that you will teleport her to Inn in the city where her mother is working.

Now go to the Inn and talk to woman in the kitchen to collect your reward for saving her child - 500 gold and 500 XP

The shrine of virility Edit

(Prerequisite: Complete "Sciency stuff" quest until you find Mayor daughter necklace and give it to Magven)

To start this quest you have to talk to Joan in Fuar Church. She is the priest standing just behind altar (doors). She will tell you about her plans to make this church somehow blessed and of course she need your help for that. It is pretty linear questline so all you need is doing exactly what she is saying. You will need to conduct the holy ceremonies and she want also to become Shrine Matron.

Your first job there is to made Joan your first priestess of fertility. To do that just talk to her and bless her. She will then explain you next step of ceremony which is to show your power by sex to most powerful person in this city and make her yours as servant and after this sex your penis must be cleaned by oral sex (each time by other woman). It may be a little confusing but don't worry. Joan will provide girls for you for that part. When you are done talking to Joan just leave the Church and start your ritual.

First you have to "dominate" Mayor of Fuar so go to her house which is building just under Church at the same area. Normally maid would stop you and you will had to leave from house but if you did part with necklace in the mines (as mentioned in prerequisite) she will allow you to enter. Cille (Mayor) and Jenna (daughter in law) will greet you just to hear bad news from mines. After short conversation they will move just upstairs and you will be free to explore house.

If you want to proceed more further then go upstairs and talk to Cille. She will invite you for dinner and you have to accept this offer. Now go downstairs and sit on the one of chairs next to big table to start the event. You will have then pretty nice time with both womans along with good food after which you will leave from this house. Go inside again and talk with Cille and then choose option about working toward sex. You will spend another day with them and because it will be late already Cille will offer you to stay for the night. To proceed just talk again to Cille and inform her that you are tired already and then go upstairs to trigger an proper event. You will sleep together with both Cille and Jenna and what is more important you will have an sex scene with Mayor (that was your objective from the start). After whole night you will end up outside of the house. Now go back to the Church and you will notice Joan with other girl standing next to her. That girl will clean your penis using her mouth which was obvious from the start. This is "cleaning" part of the ritual and it will give you another "sex scene".

Next part of ceremony is to have sex with some Joan's friend currently visiting Fuar and that is your new target. Just go upstairs at the Church and reach beds at the end to trigger an event. Wait for Illina (that's her name by the way) and do what you must - another sex scene there (you can make "round 2" with her and it won't affect ritual so enjoy more of the sex there). When you are done just go downstairs where Joan is waiting with new girl. Talk to that girl and enjoy another blowjob.

Talk to Joan again and she will explain you next step of the ceremony. This time you have to find an priest who is willing to have sex with you without any objections. She can't say no... (normally you could have sex with every priest because they all want this but this time you just have to do what Joan says). Joan mention her friend Miriam visiting Fuar (another friend... yeah...) and she is your new target. To find her just go to the city Inn and head upstairs. You will easily notice blackhaired woman there. Event will trigger when you will be near the room with her. While talking with her just ask her for an sex (no need to touch her breast) and she will accept your wish at the end so enjoy another sex scene. When you are done with her just go back to Joan in the Church. This time she is alone. Talk to her and wait a little for new "cleaner". This one is really beautiful! Even Joan noticed that and meanwhile she is just masturbating behind the door. After whole show you will end up outside of Church. If you go back in and ask Joan says there's nothing to do "ask Crouler he is a lazy f**k".

This is over of current plot so we need to wait until Crouler will add something more.


Notable NPC's Edit