Here you will find detailed walkthroughs to all the "Investments" of the game, and all the ways of completing each quests.

The Meaty Goodness - Orc Meat Investment (Start in Everlight near Inn) Edit

You get this quest from Sichil, the purple-haired woman standing outside of the inn. This is a very long quest line and it involves a lot of grinding.

Sichil explains that she has an idea to get rich and help the village with its orc problem. Basically, she wants you to collect five pieces of orc meat for her to cook and eat. If the taste is right, she will try to sell them. And, as luck would have it, that's exactly how things work out! So after collecting the initial five pieces, Sichil will say that she can sell the meat for 20g per piece and will split the money with you 50/50. At this point, before advancing the main story line by cutting your way through the forest and beyond, clearing out all of the orcs you stumble across, I suggest you farm about 30 pieces of orc meat and advance to the second stage of this quest line.

In the second part of the questline, Sichil says that she was contacted by a sponsor who wants to help the business grow by providing a store and some hunters, meaning you don't have to hunt the orc meat yourself. She also says that orc raids are down by 70% and that the price of the meat has gone up to 50g per piece (even though it says 50g per piece, you can sell her the meat at the shop for 75g per piece). She wants you to meet her at the shop (exit south, then look for the road that exits the crossroads in the upper right of the screen, behind the tree). Talk to her there and learn that there are some hunters and an assistant waiting for you in Everlight, so you have to turn around and head back to collect them from outside the inn. After this, it's back to the shop yet again! Sichil will tell you to come back later and hand you a letter to deliver to a woman in the capital when you get there.

--At this point, you will be receiving 75g per piece of orc meat you farm and 23g just for killing the orcs. There are quite a few orcs in the forest, but it can be difficult to spot them all because they sometimes walk through the trees. Excluding the first visit to the forest, there are 5 orcs that you can farm for meat (490g per visit) until you advance the main questline by defeating the orc leader in the forest. Just take your time and stop every few steps, wait and keep an eye to see them.

NOTE --- There's "re-spawning" orcs in which you continue to encounter, after you leave the forest then re-enter. Then the 5 that are specifically written into the game code for this mission, the 5 are hiding near the campfire sites, and around the slightly hidden chests/creates (reward boxes). It doesn't matter if you inflict a high HP from them, if they are the Orcs for this quest the Divine will Transport them to the cage back at the butcher shop. So should you leave the forest, and or continue with another mission, these 5 orcs will still be there waiting to get captured. Or should you only capture 1, 2, 3, or 4, the remaining one(s) will still be around.

After delivering the letter to the woman in the market at the capital, Sichil will tell you that she has more work for you to do. The shop's main sponsor is throwing a big party and wants 15 pieces of orc meat. Even though your shop employs hunters, she wants you to go and collect the 15 pieces of meat yourself. When you do, make sure that you go behind the counter and talk with Sichil rather than selling the meat to her across the counter. You receive 3,500g for your troubles.

From there, go into the cellar and speak with the chef. She will tell you that Sichil is pushing the employees too hard and, sometimes, placing the hunters in danger. You have the choice to talk with Sichil about how it is unacceptable to push the employees to do what is impossible and to place them in danger or order the employees to do what they are told. If you order the workers do as they are told, they will be ending up dead at the end of the quest, there should be no affect anything else in the game. If you choose to speak with Sichil, she agrees to back down and not push the employees to work so hard.

For your next task, you will be asked to fill the holding cages in the basement with 5 orcs. To do this, go into the forest and kill orcs. You will notice that there are more orcs than normal now, which is because only certain orcs are able to be captured. If you find that you are missing an orc, please do not exit the forest. Instead, walk through the forest and continue to look. Sometimes they walk behind the trees, making it very difficult to see them. Once you have teleported 5 orcs back to the shop, return to Sichil.

Once you have teleported 5 orcs back to the shop, return and speak with Sichil. She will tell you that she wants to get some more workers for the store. You can find them by speaking with people at the various inns around the world. Specifically, there are two hunters upstairs at the inn in Everlight Village, the lady wearing green (as far north, right side of the table as you can get) at the inn in Rei-Long Oak, and a woman named Stennie who is just outside of the Inn at Ceeves Ocean. Return to Sichil for a reward of 5,000g.

Next, there will be a lot of talk about an orc capturing competition, followed by your next quest. Head to Ceeves Ocean and go to the library in the castle. There's a woman there (red hair, black dress) named Dal. She's the sponsor who wants the favor in exchange for more money for the shop. She will explain to you that she wants her sister pardoned. If you ask why, Dal will explain that her sister raped some peasants and even some nobles (but no one as important as her, Dal will assure you!). If you choose to let her sit in prison, it seems to have no true ill effects on the operation of the shop or the game, other than Dal swearing she will never give you another cent if you speak with her again. If you choose to pardon her Dal will thank you for releasing her sister and assure you that money is coming your way. Choosing to pardon Dal's sister will result in the player getting 10,000 gold when they talk to Sichil the next time.

Go back to break the news to Sichil and she will tell you she already received the letter from Dal and that all will be fine. You have some time before the orc capturing contest begins, so you are tasked with collecting some orc meat to sell at a premium until then. You offer to go collect 20 pieces and then it's off to the forest and mountains with you. If you kill every orc in the forest and mountains, you will end up with 18 pieces. It's up to you if you want to slog the forest four times (5 total in the forest if you've been progressing the main storyline) or just push straight through, the nab two stragglers. Make certain that you walk behind the counter and interact with Sichil when you return, rather than selling her back 20 pieces of orc meat. If you sell it back, it won't count. So hand over the 20 pieces of meat and Sichil will say that the orc capturing is finished. Head to the forest and speak with Nanna, the first hunter you see. She will lead you to the camp. There will be a brief scene, then you will wake up at the store. Go speak with Sichil.

Sichil will tell you to go speak with the chefs. If you speak with Gyta (the black haired chef, at the top of the screen), she will tell you that the girls working for you are being harassed. Go back and speak with Sichil. After some discussion, a plan is formed for you to get the word out that you won't stand for it. It's off to Everlight to speak with the priest and Amalia will assure you that she will help you with this problem. When you finish, go talk with Sichil again (not the chefs). She will give you a letter from a girl named Mette who wishes for you to meet her at Rei-Long Oak to discuss selling your meat around the entire country.

Mette is a redhead, wearing a green dress. She's in the Rei-Long Oak inn, on the left, watching the dancer. She explains that the merchant group she represents wishes to receive a 10% discount for buying meat in bulk, then selling it all across Emrionage. She says that they expect to sell at least a thousand pieces a day and says she will send a letter to Sichil, along with 20,000g to expand the workforce. Return to the shop and speak with Sichil. She's ecstatic with the news and suggests that you go collect some meat to give out as a gift to the merchants. Back to collect another 15 pieces.

Return to Sichil with the 15 pieces of meat and you'll receive another 5,000g. Speak with her again to get your next quest after she explains that you will need to come in and collect your own income. There's a book on the blue table in the room to the north (with the bed in it). Interact with the book to view information on your income. It's important to note that even though Sichil says that you will need to come and collect your income, you actually don't have to. Instead, your money will automatically be deposited into your gold that you carry with you. As for your quest, head to Rei-Long Oak and go to the casino. When you get there, head to your suite for the night. When you wake up the next morning, exit the suite and head south through the curtains, west across the casino floor and the main entrance room, then turn south into the V.I.P. area. If you are prepared to go in, tell the game yes and begin your meeting with the sponsors, where they will pose three questions to you.

1. Will your ex-sponsors be given special rights at the store, or will they just be regular customers?

2. Will your ex-sponsors be repaid for what they have invested, or will all of the money they just put into the place go down the drain?

3. Will you spread word around that they were a big help to you in getting the shop up and running?

If you agree to all, one of the sponsors, Charlotte, says that she wishes to speak with you in private and you direct her to your suite. She will invite you to an upcoming party and proposition you for sex.

Back at the shop, Sichil promises to uphold any promises you made to the sponsors. She asks that you give your blessing for her to build a mansion south of the shop and informs you that some bandits have been preying on your meat deliveries. Go to Rei-Long Oak and head south, to the end of the pier. Talk with the girl with the rowboat and head to the cove. Go up the ramp and enter the caves on the top.

Make your way through the hideout. You can collect a number of chests with 200g in them if you want, or go straight through to Loria, the leader. She will ultimately ask you for your permission to raid settlements and the like. You can refuse, and fight her, or agree, if you agree she will tell you that she has no more business with you and will leave your caravans alone.

Return to the butcher's shop and the chef Gyta will greet you when you enter. She will tell you that Sichil left you a package which you have to deliver. There is also a letter attached which will explain that for your business to remain successful she created some new recipes, and that you have to take the package to the seller in the capital. Head to the capital and go to the Church District, the old lady a bit south of the church is the seller, talk to her and she will take the package from you.

Return to the butcher's shop once again and this time Sichil will be inside the store waiting for you. She will tell you that the mansion is almost done. She will also let you know that the hunters were looking for you in the forest south of Everlight. Go to the forest and head north-west at the first intersection towards the camp. There will 3 hunters there who will tell you that a main faction of orcs has declared war on you. If you had order the workers do as they are told, you will only find a hunter standing there. Then you will get surrounded by the ogres, the ogre leader will tell you that the three hunters were raped and eaten. You will have to fight an ogre, who is able to cast sharp on himself or on the goblins that will join the fight. This will significantly increase the damage they deal. He will also get reinforcements at certain points in the fight. It is advised to deal with these as soon as possible as otherwise you will have to fight 7 goblins at once. They join in pairs of 2 or 3 goblins at 3 set points in the battle (not sure when they join, the first joined for me after the first hit, sometimes second pair immediately joined as well. Second pair seems to join at around 1100 damage dealt to the ogre.) After the battle you will pass out and sleep for 10 days. Once you wake up Sichil is there to greet you, she will also tell you that the mansion is finished. You can visit the mansion for a scene with the head maid Dala who is found on the first floor.

THIS IS END OF THIS QUEST LINE. It maybe added upon in the future last version update

Farm Investment (Start in Rei-Long Oak Inn) Edit

(Prerequisite: Complete „Helping Liz in the inn”)

Starting Investment Part:

You can start this quest by talking to three sisters standing behind big table in Rei-Long Oak Inn next to sleeping room. They are named Julia, Anna and Christina and have an idea of start new farm. Of course they have nothing except an idea... No money, no land and either no concept how to manage it. Still it is a possibility of making some investment and It is worth to make a move on it.

First of all you need to give them 12,000 gold for starting project. Pretty expensive at early game but there are many ways to earn money. Do it and sisters will move to Everlight. Travel to this village and visit an Inn where you will find one of those beauties. Anna will take you to new area which was not available before. Just follow her and you will reach your new farm. Also sign will appear on crossroad saying about that place.

Bad Living Conditions Part:

Talk to Anna at the farm and she will send you to Christina. She is in the house just up to you. Christina will start to complain about bad living conditions and how it's bad for her and her child. Yeah. She is pregnant. Funny tho. Your character is very smart and he knows what this means. More money to invest. There is no loss in money for now because she will use money you gave them before. Instead of that you have to invest money onto another part of this farm later. Short cutscene will have place and wuala. Home is now pretty and warm. Christina is happy.

Expanding Land and Sheila (new character for farm) Part:

Leave house and talk to Julia. She is standing next to well. She want to expand this land. It will cost you 7,000 gold. Pay her and she will tell you about second part of this "expanding". Sadly for her land on the east is an property of another woman and they dont like eachother. You have to visit Castle at Capital City and convince her to sell it.

Travel to Castle at Capital City and head to library section of this place. Find a woman in white shirt. Her name is Sheila. You can just buy her land which is already paid or hear her out which will give you another opportunity. You can hire her to your farm which is better option to choose. You will get back your 7,000 gold and also your farm will be better managed (more later).

Head back to your farm now and talk to Julia. She is now at expanded area on your farm next to Scarecrow. She will complain about Sheila but it is nothing important. She will also tell you about new option. You can buy animals for your farm. Find a sign placed next to fence nearby house and interact with it. Choose "Purchase Upgrades" to see what animals are available to buy. You can do it whenever you want. It's just for making more profits. (Cows – 5000 gold, Horses 7500 gold, Giant Squids 10,000 gold)

Bandits Problem Part:

Go to the house at the farm and new event will start. Christina will talk to you at the entrance and tell you about bandits harassing them. Of course now you have to deal with this problem. This is pretty simple task. Just leave Farm area and you will notice one bandit walking on crossroad. Attack her and beat up. After that short conversation will have place after which bandit will leave crying like little baby. Head back to Christina and talk to her about news...

Now is the moment when Sheila will show how useful she is. Christina will again complain about danger and Anna will join you two suggesting to hire guards. First two options are Mercs for 5000 gold which are cheap but weak. Second are guards for 12 500 gold which are expensive but good... And third option only available when u have Sheila on ur farm are Crusaders. They are strongest and what's more important... FREE! She will join your conversation and tell about this option. Yeah... It is obvious choice. Funny thing even Anna will say that is good choice. Hire one of the group and that's it for this part.

Human Milking Part:

Next step is about talking to Julia. She will be thankful for what you did till now and give you a small present (Potion of Dark Energy +100 summoning exp). Also she will tell you about another expansion for your farm which is pretty interesting. Human milk! Yeah.. Sounds badass already. Wait till you see effects! Talk to her again and she will send you to get an permission to start new business and also expand land.

Travel to Rei-Long Oak and head to the Inn. If you walk further onto North you will be stopped by Merchants Guild Representative – Pink shirt woman... Simple Phallia. She will tell you about normal costs for this business... Which is horrible... And another option. She want to spend 24h with you and there is a possibility to get this permission for FREE. Yeah... You just have to make her happy. You can also skip events by sleeping in bed upstairs (2 times) but then you have to pay 45 000 gold. Pretty much yeah?

If you choose to make her happy then first head to living room (east and south). Talk to Phallia and stay with her looking how she write a letter. Short conversation will start after which she will offer you a little „something”... Body stimulating of each other of course. While playing which each other there will be another proposition about a game... Who will cum first = lose. Accept it. You will lose and then there will be another choice to do... Either way you will be fucked up onto ass but you can tell her that's your first time or not. Choose „Yes” option. She will be happier... Also let her cum onto your ass (HA! GAAAY!). Scene will end and now Phallia is in bathroom. Go downstairs and talk to her again. Join her to the bath and stay no matter what will happen (another gay scenes). Accept all she wants (another rounds)... She will eventually let you fuck her... After this all fuckscenes you will wake up in bed with Phillia. She will leave downstairs so go to her and talk... and wuala... She will pay for everything. You made her most happier person on the whole world! At the end of that there will be last option to fuck her last time and impregnate... You can do what you want. Doesn't really matter but after those all things you made with her... just do it. She opened her vagina to you! Isn't that great?

(HINT! To be true if u are not fan of some sort... gay scenes... and being fucked in ass... just pay 45,000 gold. Quite expensive but it will save your mental health.)

So... You got permission and also land expansion. Travel to your farm and talk to Julia. She will be happy about progress that you made and give you another mission. Yeah. So many work to do while they just sitting there and making money. Now you have to talk with woman called Lirency about conditions for Human Milking. First option is about workers accommodations and there are 3 stages (minimum, good and great). Better accommodation results with higher costs but much better workers happiness. Great is long term profitable... while minimum short. Pick up great (my recommendation). Another choice is about budget... same as before Large is long term but still more profitable later so choose it. Last choice is about some bonus for workers... Same as before... Pick yes to make profits later in long term. Confirm all your choices and head back to your farm.

On your way to farm you will notice Soldier walking around on crossroads. Interact with her and hear her out to the end (just let her continue whole story). She will tell you about some sadistic woman who was torture her comrades and now is captured by army. What she wants is to give this sadistic woman to your farm... to be fucked by bulls. Oh yeah... Just accept it! She will produce High Quality Human Milk! And also she is pretty... Why say not? If u accept she can be found at the barn (Human Milkin building) under special option.

When you finally reach farm you will be stopped by Julia and she will tell you about progress they made. Human Milk barn is done (of course it is and you have even special „milking object”... just check it out by your own whenever you want).

Disappearing Horses and Cimex Cave Part:

Next step is talking to Christina. She is standing next to the house. She will tell you that horses are disappearing and new cave appeared at crossroads. Also she will mention some fast and strong monsters. Your mission is to investigate this... and solve this problem. Leave farm and head west. You will notice small hole on the ground. Interact with it. You will see big flying worm... talking to you. Yeah... Freakin mosquito or what? Nevermind. You will be attacked by two of these monsters. They are pretty strong but you are stronger right? Kill them. Time to explore the cave.

First after battle head east once and then pick up first entrance on the north. Head north till you reach last possible cave there and you will meet another freakin worm (called Cimex by the way). No fight there. Worm will run away onto hole. There is a chest containing Potion. Pick it up and eave this cave. Now is the fight! This time 3 Cimex Warrior will attack you so just kill them. To the left of your currently position you will find another chest with another potion.

Now you need to pass the bridge so head east and enter the cave just up on the little cliff. It will get you back to the point with blocked entrance by 3 stones. It is okay because you need to interact with Cimex near fireplace (just left of your current position). 2 Cimex Warrior this time to be killed.

(HINT! If you will go far east till end of the cave and then north you will find some precious treasures! Red Chest contain Shade Ore, Chest contain Iron Armor and finally Mimic with Ancient Helmet – he is strong and using poison on you).

Next you need to back to the bridge you once passed and this time you will be stopped by Cimex Elite! Stronger version of Warrior. He will summon 2 Cimex Warriors after get some HP loss so be ready for that. Deal with them and go further east till you reach end of this way. Then head up North and there you will meet Cimex Queen... Very strong enemy btw... She will use debuffs and paralyze and also summon Cimex Warriors and Elites. Focus on her and kill her asap because she dealing high damage also. After battle you can search room for 2 chests. One with 200 gold and one with potion.

Now you killed the Queen so problem is solved but i recommended explore this cave a little bit more (now or later because you can back there anytime). Anyway... Go back to place when you ended up after jumping onto hole in the ground (there is an chest with 200 gold next to the lake on the right). This time head east and enter first entrance you will notice. There are 3 rooms available to explore... If you will go upstairs entrance you will end up fighting 6 Cimex Warriors at same time. Pretty bad situation. After dealing with them you can find there a Red Chest contain Susceptor – an mysterious cape (accessory item) that grant you a little defence, resist on fire and darkness. Another path is to go south of those stairs where you will find another mysterious boss – Lich. He is not that strong tho as Cimex Queen or even an Elite. For defeating him you will receive Undead Essence (currently no use for it). Last room is empty. No point to even check it.

(HINT! Whole cave is fulfilled by Bats... Killing them will results sometimes with obtaining Lesser Skill Potion... Drinking it grants you 15 summoning XP so this is pretty nice place to farm it!)

After you clear out whole cave just head back to place where you entered it and just leave... go to your farm and inform Christina that problem is solved.

Now you have to talk with Julia. She will tell you how scary she was while hearing that you were fighting with those all monsters... Yeah... Very scary... Nevermind. She will also mention that they will have important quest and ask you to take her to your castle because farm isn't the best place to stay for this quest. Accept it... But... That's the end of story for now. Yeah...

(HINT! You can have sex with Shalia whenever you want. Just make sure you have condom!)

(ANOTHER HINT! You can find Red Chest containing unique sword "Aurora" which give you 240 atk and Light buff onto it... To reach this chest you have to fully expand Farm)

(YET ANOTHER HINT! There is also an Mimic contain Ancient Sword which is best in the game. To reach him you need to expand farm till level 2!)

(LAST HINT! There is an strange box standing close to area where Mimic was. You can interact with it and choose few options but all will give same results. YOu will be attacked by strange Assassin... and after won battle you will receive Green Potion +25 summoning XP and Assassin will disappear. Currently no informations about this strange person)


Brothel Investment (Start in Capital City - Slums) Edit

(There are two Brothels further in and i recommend to do quests in order from this guide)

Starting Business Part:

To start Brothel you have to visit slums in Capital City. Fastest way is to use Wayfinder and then just enter building to the west from him. Inside you will find Shady woman called Anasta. She want to start new business and you can imagine already what it is about. For that he need a "sponsor". You are the one on her mind... First of all you need to give her 25,000 gold. When you will collect required money head back to Anasta and give it to her. She will tell you that she need some time to formalize some things... In meantime...

Finding First Girls Part:

Anasta willing to have few girls to start working as soon as possible. You have to find three womans for your new establishment while she is doing some paperworks. All three womans are in Capital City just split around few areas.

First is just east from Brothel... Purple Hair woman is walking around there. Interact with her and short conversation will start. She is searching a job... What a coincidence right? She will gladly accept job in your brothel.

Second woman is at the dock not far to east from Wayfinder. She is called Dibella... And she wanna have fun with you from start. Instead of that you can hire her for your brothel. As she is already prostitute there are no objections. Done.

Third and last girl... yes... girl... schoolgirl... Is at one of the house on Church-Market Area. When you enter from Docks to Church Area you can notice 3 houses on the north. The correct one is closest to the Church. Enter to this house and go upstairs. You will find schoolgirl named Liva... She is prostituting herself to the noble from this house and she will gladly accept your job offer.

Head back to Anasta and talk to her with an option "I'm ready for more!" to complete this part and talk to her again. She will tell you that she have another 3 womens who are willing to work for you but in one condition. You have to fuck them all one by one without any rest. Nice challange... You can either accept this or tell that you don't need them. Obvious choice is to accept challenge. More sex scenes and more whores for your Brothel.

You will move to the bedroom and from now you will get few sex scenes in a row with many text on the screen. You can enjoy it as much as you want but there are no choices to be done. What is worth mentioning? Well... Maybe names of those women's? Haruhi - married woman who just cheating on her wife. Natasha whose thinking that you can't even make her orgasm... What nonsense... She will begging to stop! And last is Shigure which is another cheating woman on her wife.

Congrats! You were fucking them for 30 hours and then sleeping for 2 days! Still it is quite impressive. Anyway... You got another 3 womens for your Brothel.

Getting Important Customer Part:

Your business is now running but there is more work to do. Go to Anasta and talk to her about Mission. She will tell you about very important person currently visiting docks. It is Lady Catherine. You have to convince her to visit your establishment. Travel to docks and you can find her standing somewhere on the middle of this area surrounded by 3 Guards. Easy to find red haired woman. Just talk to her and after short conversation she will move to your Brothel.

Go back to the Slums and you will notice Anasta standing outside of building. Talk to her and she will tell you that Catherine rent whole Brothel with all girls... And you can also hear her voice from inside. Instead of waiting till she end Anasta will give you another work to do.

Judge Rapist Part:

One of your womans were raped by a Noble. Without any move she will be free because It is normal for Nobles to rape lower grade people. Your job is to change that. Go to the Church-Market District behind Inn you will find another building - Barracks (bigger doors). Event will start itself so just hear them all out and at the end you will have just one choice to do... Justice is blind to rank or either Nobles are worth more. Good choice is the first one. Evil second.

After you made your decision head back to Anasta and tell her about news. In meantime Catherine is ending her play time in your brothel but yet Anasta send you for another work... Yeah... So many things to do as pimp.

Group of Sluts Challange Part:

It is quite short part of whole story. Anasta tell you about group of sluts who were trying to challenge your Brothel until they know who is co-owner. Because of that they offered services for your brothel on few conditions. You need to talk to them. Head to the Inn in Capital (Church District) and find Alexandra (middle table on the south). Talk to her and you will be able to make few choices.

- First choice is about girls shares... Options are 30%, 40% and 50%. You can choose whatever you want but as a good Divine and pimp you wanna make your girls happy don't you? It will probably just affect on income but later you will have tons of money so it doesn't really matter that much.

- Another choice is about deny customers for some reasons. For now further consequences are unknown but for your girls a good option is to say yes.

- Next choice is about medical care. You can provide it to your girls or not. If yes it will just make less profits but it doesn't matter at all right? Happiness of those girls are most important.

- Next choice is about hairdresser from your brothel. You can either fire her if you want, let her stay as she was now or do it even better by made everything paid + give free clothes to your girls. Last option is the best.

- Last choice is about hiring more guards... Which is obvious but you can always say no... But for what reason? Just hire them. Less money but still high enough to be a rich guy.

(HINT! Each "upgrade" you choose will cost you money... be aware of it because it is quite expensive)

Alexandra is very happy about your choices and all 8 sluts will move to your brothel starting working from now. So many girls! So many possibilities! Anyway... Head back to Anasta. Catherine ended her fucking so your partner is inside of Brothel. Talk to her about news and this part is over.

More Investments Part:

As you made your choices in previous part, now you have to make them live. Talk to Anasta about New Goals and she will tell you that you need to hire new guards. They cost 5,000 gold each and in total 20,000 gold. Pay her for that and guards will show up outside and inside.

Talk about new goals again and this time you have to pay for clothes as you promised. It will cost you 15 000 gold but you like your girls... don't you mr. pimp?

Next step is to pay for medicines. It will cost you 10,000 gold so just talk to Anasta about new goals and give her this money.

Total costs of this upgrades = 45,000 Gold.

New Brothel in Everlight Part:

It is time to expand your business as a pimp! Anasta will tell you about new possibility to buy a land in Everlight and build new Brothel! Yeah... Another one... And also special one. Your first mission is to find Poison - a purple haired woman. She is at the Everlight Inn. Go there and talk to her.

First of all you need to deal with bandits that claimed your land for new investment. They are at the forest south of village... almost at the end of it so just head as far as you can and you will find them next to last fireplace. Kill them and go back to Poison.

Next step to start Brothel there is to find workers which will build it for you. For this you have to travel to Rei-Long Oak. Do it and go most eastern place in this city. Talk to orange haired woman standing next to blacksmith building (outside!). You have to pay her 20 000 gold. Do it and she will move with another workers to Everlight villate to do their job.

Go back to Poison and you will have opportunity to fuck her. Yeah... A little fun is always good right? Of Course you have a choice so you can say no but who would do that ? Sex scene there! +18! After that she will move outside of Inn and there you can find her - next to fence (southern exit of Village).

While talking to Poison again she will tell you that Anasta wanted to see you. In meantime your brothel is under construction so you can't do more there for now.

Problem with Culprit and Magic Imprints Part:

Talking to Anasta will results with another mission for you. That was obvious since you are the boss here... So much work to do because of this. Anyway... She will tell you that some culprit made a photos with an high rank officer having orgy in your brothel. Of Course they cannot be leaked so you have to stop that woman. The hint is a Rei-Long Oak.

Travel to Rei-Long Oak and go to Casino. Yeah... That is the place where you will find your culprit. Go to VIP area just north from entrance. Talk to one of two casino workers and they will let you in. After area change just go east all the time. You will notice "homeless" orange haired woman standing there. Talk to her and she... or he... will reveal true self.. an freakin Orc - Papa Razzi... Just kill him... (500 exp and 1000 gold by the way). You will also burn those pictures (WHY?! Crouler?! I wanted to see this orgy!).

Go back to Anasta and tell her about news. She won't believe at first but you are an Divine right? She have to believe everything you say!

Important Client and Secret Meeting Part:

Talk to Anasta about New Goals and she will tell you that she want to expand this business and there is a chance to do it by cooperating with some important client. Your job is to secretly meet her in one of church district house and get new informations about her plans. Also she want 25 000 gold to upgrade Brothel building (but it is later step to do).

Go to Church District and before one of house's door near entrance to Docks you will find a guard. Talk to him and he will let you in. Now is the point when you will meet this important client... She is a little sister of Queen Dirilla and her name is Sia. Yeah... Princess interested in brothel... Anyway... Short conversation will start. Sia want to change some rules about having sex with prostitutes. For example having sex can have negative impact on political career of high placed persons. Nothing will change for now because it is just an initial proposition... And will end after Sia will tell you about her intentions, as of version nothing further has been added to Sia's response, remembering she says she will notify you in the future.

Succubi Trainer for Brothel in Everlight Part:

(Prerequisite: 15 level to enter Fuar Village)

Before move on with Brothel in Capital City it is recommended to do this part first. Why? Because it is chronological... Dunno why Crouler didn't do it by the right way but if you like story going right path then do it like this.

Go to Poison which is still standing outside of Inn near fence. Talk to her and she will tell you that your new Brothel is completed. She will move there first so just follow her. Brothel location is just south of Everlight Village in the last-right road on the crossroads (almost on entrance to forest). You will notice one big building and your "friend" standing before doors. Talk to her again and then go inside.

Inside she will ask for your help because there is missing something little... Obviously she is talking about girls. This is not about normal girls because she already hired some (still not there...and you will learn why later) but about demon girls! Succubi to be exact! You don't need to hire any Succubi by itself but their Mistress-Trainer.

Travel to Fuar City - place where you will find her. When you are in the City (for example under Item Shop) head east until you reach crossroads... One leads to Hot Springs and one just north-east to some house, grave and etc. Your goal is just between them. Big house on the cliff. Go inside of it and you will notice few Succubus flying around. After short conversation with one of them she will go for the Mistress (which currently have sex upstairs). Mistress name is Shavrone... Talk to her and and tell about your wish for her to working in your Brothel with all Succubus. She will accept that under one condition... or wish... Whatever. Shavrone want to spend a night with one of woman living there in Fuar before she will move to Everlight... And that is a little challenge for you.

You can find Cindy (that is this woman name) in Fuar Inn. Black haired girl standing most south-eastern spot in building. Talk to her and tell about Shavrone wish... Cindy will complain about that idea because Shavrone and her Succubi are some sort of sex monsters... and after sex with them she may never be able to feel pleasure from sex anymore. Because of this she will make a challenge for you... She will agree to your wish only when you will make her cum by anal sex. You think that is easy? Wrong! You can do this only when you will master anal sex... and for that first you need to do anal sex 40 times total.

After you reach master level in anal sex (40 times! Remember!) go back to Cindy in Fuar Inn and invite her for sex (exception is when you just fucked Cindy 40 times or less depending how many anal you had before). You will get few images and of course dialogue... and if you are anal master you will make her cum at the end. If not... You will lose to her (you can invite her after that again until you finally "win").

(HINT: You can do anal sex with Cindy all the time until you make her cum because it is registering all time...)

(HINT TWO: You can check how many times you were using anal sex in Church on last floor (one of priests there can say that)

When you are done with Cindy go back to Shavrone and she will be standing outside of her house. She is already done with Cindy so after short talk she and her Succubi will travel to Everlight. Cindy is nowhere to find but if you want go check Shavrone bedroom to see why Cindy was "scary" about having sex with her.

Anyway... Go back to Poison in Everlight Brothel and talk to her about next steps.

Missing Sluts for Everlight Brothel Part:

Poison will tell you that hired girls by her are missing. They should be already at Brothel... But something must happen. You have to find them... Which was obvious from the start.

Go to the mountains from Everlight Forest and pass the bridge (way to Rei-Long Oak). You will then notice alone woman standing on the stone stairs leading somewhere to the "forest". Talk to her and she will tell you that the rest of girls are imprisoned by an orcs... and probably raped. You can either go and help them now or prepare first. Go after them and you will have to fight multiple orcs or either... goblins... and ogres.. (sadly there is an black screen so you can't see anything on this part... but there are 4 goblins and 4 ogres together. They are using magic and boosts... sharp and fire...). Deal with them and girls will move to Everlight Brothel. You will be teleported to the crossroads.

Guards for Brothel (Everlight) Part:

Simple task... Talk to Poison after you saved girls and she will tell you funny story... and then ask for 2 things. First is of course money. She want 20,000 gold to hire guards. Give her this money.

She will tell you then about some ruffians who wanted to fuck your precious sluts for free and have very bad attitude. You will find them just next to the Inn in Everlight Village. Talk to them and decide what to do... You can even teleport them under the sea... Dunno if this will impact as something evil later... But it is enough to "call guards". After you deal with them go back to your Brothel...

Shavrone Picture Part:

When you reach Brothel there will be no Poison anywhere to find... Instead of that Shavrone will stop you and start conversation. She will ask you for a favor... Some bandits raided her old house and stole private picture of her friend. You have to find them and take picture back to owner (Shavrone).

To find bandits you have to travel to Fuar and leave from this Village to the south. On the crossroads head east until end and then under you should be walking Thief (looking same as Smuggler). Kill him and get back picture (you can look at it before you will give it back to Shavrone).

Now take picture to Shavrone. Just after you enter brothel she will talk to you first. You can tell her if you looked at picture or not... Doesn't really matter because it won't impact on anything. Also Poison is here again.

Countess Britney Visit at Brothel (Everlight) Part:

Talk to Poison and she will tell you about countess who is interested in places like yours. You need to convince her to visit your Brothel to make some sort of publicity. Her name is Britney and you can find her in Castle (Capital City).

Travel to Capital City and then go to this Castle. She will be standing just in Throne Room... White hair woman with Cat ears... Interact with her and after shot conversation she will move to Everlight Brothel.

Go back to Brothel and just after you arrive you will get scene where Britney is complaining that she miss someone... This is all about Britney's wife and... toy... anyway...

Poison will tell you also about expanding this area. She want to build up VIP houses and for that she need 30 000 gold. Collect required amount and give her this money by talking to her again.

(WARNING! I recommend to level up and gear up you character very well for this part! You will fight with strong enemies... and even game said before something about required level... Message disappearing after you reach 30 lvl so probably that's the suggested level by Crouler!)

Now you have to find Britney's wife and "servant"... many names of this person... They are at the Castle in Capital City. Yeah... She just forgot to take them with her. Go to the Castle and then... bang! You will be stopped by some kind of magic trap and you can either choose "Yes" or "No... about being ready. You have to choose yes if you want to go further with quest and also if you ever want to enter the castle. You will be then teleported to some magic area... which looks a little disgusting.

In this realm you will find few things...

First are shiny stones... while interact with them you can either get Glowing Ore or fight with 2 Magic Stones... They are fucking strong! Greater Thunder... is so fucking strong. Also after you kill one he will transform into Succubus... So remember to kill this transformed Succubus first and then second Magic Stone so there will be no other transform! After battle with them you will also get Glow Ore.

Another things... are your clones. There are 3 of them. Magic, Rogue and Warrior... each of type that you could be. They are strong as fuck also but you have to kill them all if you want to leave this realm. You will also get Demonic Axes for them as a reward. Pretty nice weapon and also worth something in shops.

Last thing is a Succubus Boss... To reach her you have to kill all 3 clones. So yeah... Clear out whole area from crystals (because Glow Ore may be useful in future) and then something will happen...

Few Magic Circles will appear on the ground around Succubi Boss. All of them will teleport you to this boss but each of them will reward you with something else.

- Yellow Circle +40 Agility

- Azure Circle +40 Dexterity

- Red Circle +40 Strength

- Blue Circle +40 Intelligence

When you choose one of the circles you will have to deal with Succubi Boss. Her name is Kim... Interact with her and battle will start. She is strong... But that was obvious. Her minions were strong also so Boss have to be even better. Fight with her after short conversation and... win... (you will get 4000XP and 4000 Gold for her). By the way... It's look like she known you and that she was close to you in the past... After another conversation she will disappear.

(HINT: There is tons of experience... So it is worth to fight all enemies...)

Now when you back to normal enter the Castle and find two womans standing in front of entrance on the red carpet. Talk to them and after short conversation they will move to Everlight Brothel. If you are interested... Luna and Shannon - their names. By the way... "Toy" and "servant" is actually their daughter. Funny tho...

Go back to Poison now and tell her about news.

Bandits and Underground Whoring Group Part:

Poison will tell you about Bandits who are threatening to your girls. They have also some kind of underground whoring system working somewhere. You need to find them and stop.

First travel to Everlight Forest south of Village. There you will find 4 bandits walking around somewhere in forest (the are split). Kill them all and you will get a letter with an location in Rei-Long Oak.

Travel to Rei-Long Oak and go most western part of this City. Enter the house behind Old Woman and talk to one of three women's standing there (the one standing most eastern). Battle will start... Kill them all and go downstairs. You will have to fight another 3 bandits together. Deal with them and then go to the prison and talk to all these womans there. After short conversation few of them will move in to your brothel and rest will just go somewhere else...

Go back to Poison now.. She will give you nice dagger called "Reversator" (special ability - paralyzes target).

More Bouncers... More Money Part:

Short part... Poison need more money to hire more guards for this area. That was obvious while you got few VIP houses there. This time she need 20,000 gold. When you collect required money go back to her and hand it over.

Faithful Customer Visit Part:

Talking to Poison will results with another mission to do. This time its something else than traveling and killing bandits. She want you to visit special customers at one of your VIP houses there. They are customers of course but they willing to meet you. No need for sex they said... But... Yeah... That's a tradition to have sex with guest! Anyway...

Leave main building - Brothel and go south to small house down there. At the entrance you will be stopped by Sandy... which is one of those Nobles. She will call her wife Lotte and friend Simone... (both of them are having sex upstairs...). When all will already say hello to you and after short conversation you will have a chance to read their minds. Do it if you want or just go further in conversation.

After that talk to Sindy again and spend evening with them. At this point you can read some informations about those events or just go further with it.

Now you have few options to do... If you like sex then talk to one of maids walking around there and ask her for it. She can't refuse so you will have an sex scene with her (the one with glasses). You can also fuck the one talking to Lotte. If you choose "Sex" option while talking to her Lotte will also offer you Sindy to fuck. You can do them both (not together but one by one with the same option). Sadly you can't have sex with Lotte or either Simone... at least for now.

After you are done talking to them all and fucking what you can... talk to Sindy about food and start the dinner. While eating you will start a conversation with those womans. Lotte will ask you if you are enjoying time with them... answer either yes or no... But i recommended yes... then talk a small compliment. After that you can ask about few things like brothel, relations between Lotte and Simone, sex culture, parties... and you can also proceed further with an party (last option). There is no need to ask them for these questions but if you like to know them better or learn something about culture just do it. Where you are done with questions just Proceed with Party.

Now as you proceed further you will have to choose between two beauties which one to fuck. You can either pick glasses girl or patch girl. After you are done with one of those girls you will notice 2 maids at the bedroom. Pick blonde haired girl and fuck her...

When you are done go downstairs and you have to repeat event with dinner. Talk to Sindy about food and proceed with it. This time choose another woman (if you took patch first then this time pick glasses). Scene is a bit different but you will end up upstairs again. Head down and talk to Sindy again but this time there will be an option to end party. Do it and you will end outside.

Go back to Poison and tell her about everything. She will reward you with "Magical Vagina XxX V5 Beta". You can either test your present on someone or no. If you do then you will receive another "sex" scene.

Congrats! That's it for Everlight Brothel for now. There is no more missions to do for Poison.

Expanding Brothel (Capital City) Part:

Go back to Anasta and hand over 25 000 gold that she wanted before (part with Sia). Do it by talking about New Goals. While building is under construction Anasta will send you for another job... and promises special gift for you.

Letter for Mayor of Rei-Long Oak Part:

As mentioned before Anasta gave you another job. You have to deliver letter for Rei-Long Oak Mayor which is Climara. Anasta want to expand business to this place and for that both of you need to get a "blessing" from its Mayor. Travel to that City. You will find Climara standing in front of house and as you probably known already it won't be that easy to just hang over the letter.

By talking to Mayor you will get known her conditions for blessing. Not long time ago some assassin tied to murder Climara guard. She was saved but revenge must be done. You have to find that assassin and deal with him. Funny thing Climara didn't mention killing and that is very important.

To find that assassin just leave Rei-Long Oak by northern exit and go to the mountains. Go further (the same way you cleared out all Orc Chieftains in Main Story) until you reach alone girl standing next to one of cave entrance. She have purple hair... Talk to Peross (her name) and after short conversation battle will start. She is strong so prepare yourself well for that fight. You have to win this... (500XP btw). After battle you have to decide about Peross fate. There are three options:

- Kill Her - she will obviously die.

- Let her go - she will run away... which is worst decision because that's not what Climara wanted.

- Become my guard - best possible option. As mentioned before you don't need to kill her. Making her as your guard is some sort of imprison... so you dealt with an assassin and also gain pretty guard.

Go back to Mayor and tell her about news. Congrats...! You just gained her blessing as well.

That is very important now! Before you back to Anasta you need to collect her gift for you! It can be little confusing if you didn't read dialogue properly. Do you remember house when you meet Princess Sia? Yeah? Then go there and you will "meet" your gift. It is not a money or some sort of equipment... but High Nobility woman - Mary. Talk to her and at the end you will have some fun with her... Of Course if you want to. Sex scene alert!

(IMPORTANT HINT! Mary can become one of your concubines! Don't just click "enter" and read dialogue meantime sex scene and make sure you have accepted her! She will then move to your castle!)

Now go bo back to your brothel at Capital and you will notice new stairs leading on lower level. This is a place when now you can find Anasta. Go there and talk to her about New Goals. Tell her that you like your present or not... and after that you will get another mission... yeah..

Big woman, Big Dick Problem Part:

Anasta will mention woman whose named Scarlet. She is an noble and she have some problems with sex. Why? Because she have big dick... and she is big herself. While fucking others she may kill them and because of that she is avoiding such a thing. But you are different right? You have some sort of special services in your brothels. Anasta want to offer it to Scarlet and that's why you have to find her and convince to visit her place.

Go to the Castle in Capital City and find a grey haired Woman in black dress. She is standing just next to the library. Talk to her and she will accept your offer. With that done go back to Anasta. When you reach Brothel and goes downstairs you will get an scene where Scarlet is fucking one of Succubi. That's the special service... and demon won't die from her monstrous cock right? Enjoy the view if you like and hear out what Anasta have to say. Scarlet will also take this Succubi with her...

Talk to Anasta again about New Goals and she will explain to you something more about Succubi that were fucked by Scarlet. Also new fuckign room is open. If you want to try "quickie" then at floor where Anasta is go north and interact with some of girls in the wall.

Amazon Woman Test Part:

Talk to Anasta about new goals again and she will tell you about mercenary that can make you a trouble. She was hired by someone... but there is a simple reason of that. No One was able to pass her test so she have no master at all. Your job is to find her and pass this test to make her your "slave" ("" is for a reason... you will know later).

This "mercenary" or if you like... Amazon Warrior because that's how she is called can be found north of the Fuar Village. Travel there and leave from northern exit. Head north for the first stairs and then turn west to another location (a way to mines). You will notice this woman standing there alone. Talk to her and mention a test. She will be yours only if you will pass it. Anyway... After short conversation she will move to your Castle.

Travel to your big, precious house - Castle and find that Amazon there. Gladly she is just standing close to the entrance. Talk to her now and she will tell you that you have to options to became her master. Have sex untill she will reach her first orgasm or fight with her and win. She is strong opponent but not unbeatable so you can try this way. Either way you will get a proper sex scene if you choose orgasm option.

If you decided to fight then Amazon Warrior will move to training ground at your Castle which means you have to go to Guards Room (right of Throne room) and exit from there outside. After battle she will became yours.

If you decided to have sex with her then she will move to your bedroom. Talk to her and you will get pretty nice sex scene. It is not that easy as think. She will reach her orgasm only if you mastered sex technique which means you need to have high amount of sex before this and you can also choose between vaginal and anal (75 times anal or vaginal). You can check that amount at the Church Area. I'm recommending anal by myself.

When you are done with this little challenge you will find Clete (her name which she tells you after orgasm or battle) at the Great Hall (room before Throne room). She is walking around there. Talk to her and now you have an option to make her your concubine. Do it obviously! If you do so you can find her at her room just upstairs (portrait of Clete next to doors) or somewhere at the Castle. But it is not about Brothel questline anymore so that's it about this Amazon.

Go back to Anasta at Capital City Brothel and tell her about solved problem. Anasta is also looking at gift from Scarlet (2 paintings) but there are not added yet to the game so actually you can't check them. Also this is the end of current plot for this quest line so now we need to wait until Crouler will add something more.

NOTE: As of and previous versions Clete can be found in your castle to the west of the Ball Room, she will approach you and want to be a concubine, she will not take the "NO" option, she'll just keep running up to you blocking you from moving, so just say YES and move on. She has her own room in the Concubine section of the castle its on the upper floor. There is suppose to be pictures hanging on the walls of the concubines, but the pics have not been implemented into the game, again keep an eye out for future updates.

Correction -- in version Once you get Mary into the concubine the paintings of Clete and Mary appear on the walls. It seems Mary needs to be the first in order for the paintings to appear. Not sure if its a glitch or a bug.


Hotspring Investment (Start in Fuar - Hotsprings far east from village) Edit

(prerequisite: 15 level to enter Fuar location) (Contains all side quests about hot springs)


Currently as of you can access the cave but the Divine gets stuck behind the blonde girl when the monster comes after them, basically you get stuck, you cannot move forward nor backward. You cannot get the game menu (ESC or X) to appear either.

Precious-Expensive Alcohol Part:

Hotspring questline will start when you will first time go far east from Fuar village. Your screen will shake and event starts itself. You will end up in Hotspring building and first of all you can notice Red Ogre standing just there. Without thinking your character will start battle which is impossible to win. Ogre will beat you up and conversation between you two will start. He will tell you also that he is angry because his daughter took last shipment of precious alcohol and went to hot springs with it. You job is to find her and stop her.

Head left way further onto hot springs. Just pass few areas until you reach last one where you can find Red (mentioned daughter). On your way you can also hear her singing. She is drunk and almost done will all those bottles of alcohol. Interact with her and battle will begin. Now there are two possibilities to end this...

- If you beat her you will save few bottles of alcohol and Red will end up in hot water. - If you lose to her you will end up in hot water and she will drink whole alcohol.

Red is strong enemy and it is really hard to beat her up but it is possible with good equipment and stats. Anyway... After you are done here head back to Ogre (named Okura by the way). On your way to him you will hear another scream and after reach him you will find out that he is screaming on his daughter. She is sended to mother and sisters... which is some sort of punishment. He will be... thankful? Nah. He won't even say thanks but still you will get 600 XP for this and after conversation end you will leave from hot springs.

Finance Problem Part:

It is quite short part of this quest. You can do this just after you complete previous part. Head back to hot springs and you will find Okura walking around and talking to himself. He will tell you that he need 24 000 gold and now you can offer to invest in his business or not. If u want go further in with this questline choose YES. Another conversation will have place and you will end up signing a contract. You shares are 10%. Quite low but whatever. Part end.

Missing Three Women's Part:

(prerequisite: level 35 for start this quest)

To start this part you have to leave area where Hotspring building is to reset some scripts and then head back to this place. Again you will find walking Okura blaming everything and throwing insults everywhere. Another "fighting on words" conversation will start and at the end of it he will tell you about 3 missing womans who just disappeared at hotsprings. Your job is to find them.

Choose right path in hot springs (Its woman side) and go further in until you reach the point when your character will start monologue. You will also notice bubbles at the water and there is no need to even interact with it. It is all automatic... You will end up in hot spring cave.

Head east until you reach another area in cave and there you will find first missing woman... being scared by little bat... Yeah... She could just freakin hit him but you know... women are scared by little spider. Anyway. You have to save her! Just fight this bat and after that conversation with woman 1 will start. She will join you and its time to go further in.

Head north this time and event will start by itself finding woman 2. There are pretty funny talking scenes between you and those womans (especially woman 1). Anyway... There is still missing woman.

Head east until you reach another event. First you will get conversation between you and womens and then woman 3 will appear running from monster. She will escape to another area... same as woman 1 and woman 2... and you after kill this bloody monster.

Head north for another conversation event after which all of you will run further onto cave. At the end of it you will push all those womans from cliff to water and you will end up just under waterfall outside of cave. You saved all womens... And background will change again to place where you just jumped to the "bubbles". Head back to Okura... This time he will even that you have done well! Yet... With those vulgar language. For this mission you will get 300XP. That's it.

Currently there are no more missions for Hotsprings...