At the beginning of the game you will start with a short monologue. After that you will be able to choose your nickname. Whatever you will choose it won't affect on a game. When you will pick your name head down to encounter your first enemy – Ghost. To be more precious there are two of them. Battle is scripted so you can't just dodge it but be aware that later in game you can just avoid battles if you want with normal monsters.

There will be message that some monsters are immune, or weak to certain attacks. On ghost magic works perfect so use Light or Darkness spell on them. Doesn't really matter on that point which one you choose because damage will be the same (later it will be important because some enemies are immune for example to "Darkness" but weak for "Light" and etc.)

As you probably already noticed there is an chest just in first room in the cave. Pick up potion from it because you won't be able to do it later. This location will inaccessible. Also there is another chest with potion if you head down after battle with Ghosts.

Go further to the cave till you encounter another Ghost. He will stop you and after short conversation another enemy will appear. It's some kind of "boss" - first in the game called Captor. He will talk to you and finally attack. You will fight with him and Ghost together. Use your spells again and defeat them. After that you will get another short monologue and at this point you will be teleported to new location.

NOTE -- There is a "magic squirrel" follow the beach line south you should see the little fellow just press 'enter' to interact. You will be given 1 million in gold, level 52 (experience) and Mydrill Armor. You have to go into the -menu- under- equip-, to make use of the armor. Should you use the squirrel cheat you will miss out on two enemies, the bees, and lizards (out in the desert).

For now there is nothing to do at the beach so just head east until you reach tent. Go inside and you will start conversation with red haired woman. She will be confused and for now offer you to sleep in her bed. Use it to rest and when new day comes woman will be outside of the tent. Leave and talk to her again. She will ask you to show your private spots to confirm that you are the Divine. Talking to her further with an option to give her some kind of reward will results only in request. She want you to use her bed when you will be near her tent. Simple bed to use.

Head south until you reach Everlight village. Before that you will pass mysterious forest and farms but there is nothing to do with Main Story for now. At the village go to the church (first building to your right) and talk to the priest called Amalia. Conversation will be started and then interrupted by Soldier - Cilia. She will tell about Orcs attacking village. As you probably already know you are the one who have to defeat them. No worries. Location will be changed by itself and after another conversation with group of soldiers battle will start.

Battle itself isn't hard because you will get summoned beast - Lizard. He will one shot those orcs one by one. At this point you earn new ability to summon creatures. There are few "levels" possible to get by earning summoning experience which is getting by summoning creatures in battle, as a reward for some quests and from special potions.

After battle you need to talk with Priest Amalia again. She will tell you about Orcs Leaders which need to be killed. Before you leave she will teach you how to Teleport. Very useful ability. Now head south to the forest. There will be plenty of orcs walking there but you don't need to fight with them. Just avoid contact and go further into forest. At the end of it you will meet 3 talking Orcs. Of course not with you. They want to eat you so let's just kill them. At the beginning your equipment is pretty bad so just try to summon some monster to help you dealing with them. After battle use your new ability Teleport. It will take you to last visited city. For now it is Everlight when you have to talk with Priest again.

Amalia will tell you that you need to go to Rei-Long Oak and visit Mayor of this town. Unfortunately there is an danger in mountains between Everlight and Rei-Long Oak. 3 Orc Chieftains have to be killed because they are blocking your way.

Head to the forest again until you reach the spot when you fought with 3 Orcs. Go further to the North and then pass the bridge to the east. Head east further until you reach last cave. Enter it and go until end (as mentioned before you can avoid random fights). You will meet first Chieftain and 2 normal orcs in one pack. Fight them and kill. Chieftain is a bit stronger than normal orcs so your summoned beast won't kill it in one shot. You can try to kill his helpers first.

After battle leave this cave in the south of Chieftain and go into another cave to the east. At the end there is another group of 3 Orcs (1 Chieftain and 2 normal). Same strategy as before. Leave this cave and go to the next one.

Before you will meet last group with Chieftain there will be short cutscene with Shady Woman talking to Orc Chieftain. She will disappear after notice you and Orc will enter the cave. Pass few levels of this cave and finally meet last group of orcs. Be aware that this fight is a little bit harder because you will have to fight with 5 Orcs. Kill purple orcs first because they have low HP. After you beat them head south until you reach desert. There is nothing to do for now so just head south until you reach Rei-Long Oak.

Mayor house is the first on the right with 2 guards standing next to the doors. Enter house and talk to dark skinned woman named Climara. Short conversation will be started and after that you have to go to the harbour. Just south of the town. Talk to another dark skinned woman standing next to ship. She is caravan leader which you need to use to travel to the Capital City - Ceeves Ocean. From now you can freely use her as your transport between cities.

First person who will talk you at the docks is Wayfinder. Very useful woman - really. You can use her to travel between few locations in Capital (Docks, Slums, Castle, Church Area which is also market place). For now she will instantly take you to the Church Area. Enter building up to you. Random priest will take you to the High Priest Delira. Another conversation will start. She will be shocked that you can use many powers because previous divines had just one. It doesn't really matter but what is really cool she will give you 2,000 gold. Smell of cash is really good. Anyway. She will send you to the Queen.

Before you will meet the Queen you will be stopped by 2 women. First is Gwyen. You personal assistant which is very useful now and later (at your castle). Second is an Priest who will offer you special services in church. Instead of having random sex on the street you can talk to her in last floor on church and use special room to have sex with chosen woman. Unfortunately there is only Gwyen working at this point (but still worth to have some fun with her).

Finally after you leave church, talk to wayfinder and travel to Castle. You can just walk too by heading east. In castle talk to the Queen Dirilla sitting on throne. She will talk you about your castle. For now it's raided by enemies so you can't travel to it yet. Of Course she send troops to clear it out but for now you have something else to do.

Head back to High Priest Delira and talk to her. She will give you new mission. Save priest or whoever that woman is. You will find her in mysterious forest just north of Everlight Village (the one you passed almost on the start). Use caravan to fast travel to Everlight and head north. There is no need to search all the forest for her. Just head north and event will start. You will find Priest and 3 Bandits with her. After short conversation you can choose to fight with them and kill or spare and send to Priest Amalia (church in Everlight). First option will give you normal experience while second 25 summoning experience so it is better choice. You will find those bandits in Church and while you enter building for the first time after this event Amalia will talk to you... With pretty interesting request. 

Anyway you just saved Priest - Ellies. She will join your party because you need to take her to Church in Capital. Head back to caravan and travel there. Next Wayfinder and welcome Hight Priest Delira again. She will be thankful for saving Ellies and as reward you will get 1000 gold.

Another job to do. Talk to Delira again and she will tell you about 3 priests trying to kill you. Sad news but true. She will send you in person to find those priests and deal with them. There are two options. Slay or Spare and send them to High Priest. To be true they are all forced to do it. You will get this information by reading their minds. (Good choice is to spare them while Evil is to slay). No matter what you choose you will get 75xp points for each priest.

First priest (the one Delira didn't mention location) is in the Inn in Capital. Head east from Church and talk to Woman standing next to Inn doors. She will tell about Priest which is just upstairs in the Inn. Talk to her and choose your option.

Second priest is in Rei-Long Oak Inn. First building to the left from Mayor house. Same options as before

Third and last priest is in Everlight training grounds. When you will reach village from Caravan point just head west until you reach training soldiers. Priest is standing in left down corner under tree. Same options as before.

After you deal with all priests head back to High Priest Delira. Depends on your choice you will get different conversation but nothing worth mentioning (except that you take good or evil path). You will be rewarded with 2000 gold. Delira will send you to the Queen again.

Talk to Queen Dirilla and get news about your castle. It is ready now and you can travel with her to your new home. How sweet it is right? Do it because it is required to go further with Main Story. 

Few cutscenes with conversations will pop up and you will end on the ship with Queen. Now you have a chance to start romance with her. Just choose right options while talking to her (be kind and read her mind to get informations about her intentions... then make a move and wuala... love scene). After that no matter if u romanced with Queen or not you will end up before your castle. Sadly it is ruined now because of battle. Another conversation with Queen and now you can explore this place. In previous releases there was few chests around ruined castle but at this point is empty place so you will find nothing. 

Head north on the same level you started until you reach Throne Room. There will be your Queen. Talk to her again and she will offer to repair Throne Room and your Bedroom. After that you will end up again outside of castle talking to new workers. From now you are able to repair each of rooms in your castle... But it's quite expensive...

Go to Throne Room again and meet Gwyen. She will be standing next to your Throne (Chair...). She will inform you about new possibilities in the Castle as ruler but most of them are currently not working. The option you need is to start court for the first time. It is recommended by Gwyen to upgrade your castle a bit but it doesn't really affect it at all. You can open court any time and results will be the same as fully upgraded Castle.

Before court starts, Gwyen will send you to Dirilla. She is at your private chambers at first floor. Talk to Queen and you will need to decide either you want her just for you or leave her decision about partner. Obvious decision is to take her as yours but for now i don't know if it affect on something. Probably not at current releases. After you made decision court will start. 3 Womans came to your castle with great gifts. Jeanne will give you 7,500 gold, Kaleen Divine Golden Chain (pretty good necklace) and at the end Liressa with 25,000 gold! Insane amount for start.

After this event Gwyen will tell you about another guest waiting outside of castle. You will be also stopped by another woman on your way to the exit. She is called Zandra and she is your another secretary. If you want to know about any quests visiting your castle you should talk to her. Anyway... Leave the castle after short conversation with her and talk to woman on the road. She is new Gardener so recruit her... From now you can choose which style of garden you want. Go outside of castle from Throne Room and talk to your new gardener. Each style cost 10000 gold (it is not required to upgrade it now).

If you upgraded some places to certain (like workers quarters visitors room) you can also find Jaina and her assistant talking in workers room. After short conversation she will walk to Throne room and now is available as another assistant. Use her to recruit new maids to your castle which will allow you to fast travel between rooms. Very useful option. As of the other "hiring" options have yet to be implemented!

Next step to do is visiting your private quarters. Head to your bedroom and you will get short "earthquake". Magic circle will appear on the ground. Walk onto it and you will receive a letter and some sexy pictures. Read this letter and have fun with it if you want. After that head back to Throne Room. Random priest will appear and that is the person who want to take your precious time. Talk to her and now you have to travel to High Priest Delira in Capital City. (Note: Queen Dirilla back to her Castle so don't you even try to searching her at ur Castle).

Use Caravan, Wayfinders and finally meet Delira. She will send you to another mission while she will travel to your Castle. Funny tho. Who don't want sexy High Priest at the castle?! Nevermind.

You have to travel to Rei-Long Oak by Caravan and head north of it on the desert. Just after reach that map turn left and go onto "cliffs". You will find 2 Warriors called Zeathen. That's your enemies. You are suppose to gather information from them but well... Nothing that easy right? At the end you have to kill them but yet they are so stupid that you will get something for Delira (Hint: Use magic abilities to kill em).

Now travel to your castle and head to Throne Room where Delira is standing. Talk to her about what happened in the desert, shes interested if the divine obtained any information on the Zeathens potential plans. While having this conversation two angels appear via a magic portal, Cial and Lialle, to talk to the Divine, try and read the dialog thoroughly. You find out you are the creator of everything, and for some unknown reason you wanted to travel to the moral "plane", bottom line you find out you are GOD! You will also gain Invisibility.

SIDE NOTE: Tho you have this new power, I tried using it in Faur, there is a building without a door, one of your angels Exalar who you find in places of interest, and or places that hold secrets, anyway I couldn't use it. Not sure if I need higher XP level, or something else. My EXP level is at 56!

When your done talking to Lialle in "heaven", go back to finish your conversation with Delira. NOTE: as you are about to leave the castle Pellie a priest that was in the Capitals Temple informs you she has joined the castles church When you come across a sheep, located outside of the orc caves (in the mountains) you found what you were looking for. Shail transports the two of you to a small house follow the dialog. Make sure you to talk Shail, she's in the room to your right, before you leave (you can re-enter this house afterward it will be accessible anytime) get back to your castle (you'll see an angel with blonde hair near the entrance inside the castle, ignore him for the time being) and get to the Throne Room a maid will stop you letting you know Shail, Delira, Cial, and Lialle are in your private quarters/bedroom.

NOTE: You can use the maids to go anywhere in the castle!

Go to your private quarters approach Cial (purple dress to your right, listen as they plan out what should be done next, head out to Ceeves Ocean to the Queens castle, once inside, go to the east of the building and to the north, you'll see a small kitchen or cleaning area, you will see blobs, and spots of blood, which has some steps leading to a basement. Here you'll find the elven ambassador (Erilon) being tortured and about to be killed.Once you rescue her, go to the Queen's Throne Chair, first talk to Erilon she says the Queen doesn't believe her, now you have to talk to the Queen to convince her Alexine is corrupt!

Time to head out to Everlight, once your in the area of the church and or temple go west, you'll see a guard in front of Tarrie's house, the guard has no idea where she went to, go to the INN try talking to her about the recent developments, she doesn't seem to really care (probably because shes sh*t faced) go to her home, once inside look closely at the wall to your left, you should see a girls ass hanging out of the wall (I sh*t you not, ha ha) you have to "please" her. Tarrie walks in as this is going on, after your done with your fun, go talk to Tarrie, read the dialog.

Well, you'll be going through the woods, and mountains yet again, you'll find a succubus outside the first Orc cave, she says Tarrie doesn't know her, but Tarrie knows she (Siteli) is needed. You'll have to fight her (shes actually pretty hot looking) and of course defeat her. (1000 exp and 2500 gold + Potion of Dark Energy) After some more dialog with Siteli, there's a cut scene and your back in Tarrie's home.

AS OF there's nothing more involving Tarrie! But there are a few more missions involving the Main Story Line that can be done. Head back to you castle to the divine's room (private office/bedroom)

In the Divine's room, talk to Lialle (blonde hair - blue dress, to your left) Tarrie's is not as enthusiastic as Lialle hoped. Head out to Ceeves Ocean, go to the Noble District, there's concern for two other influential elven's (Robyn and Liidas) who will be targeted by Alexine's army. Once at the docking station, take the northern door, go west, then north as far as you can, stay on the right side of the pathway, you'll see two of Alexine's soldiers (silver armor - red capes) fight them.

Go Inside --- The inside of the mansion is littered with soldiers, they will run after, and attack you claiming they must 'kill a false god'. DO NOT GO AROUND AND KILL ALL THE SOLDIERS! Hurry and get to the top floor, you can kill a few of the soldiers who will inevitably confront your on your way up the stairs, once your on the third floor you'll see Robyn standing there, walk around her, and search the other rooms on the top floor.

This is where it gets tricky, it seems you cannot interact with her as you would normal characters, maybe this is a glitch, try going back down the stairs. -- The only way I was able to get this scene to move forward was to search the upper floor, then I needed to make sure I was standing dead center of the stairs, then tried to head down the stairs -- Just as you are about to go down the steps, a dialog box appears with Robyn saying Liidas went ape-sh*t crazy and attacked the soldiers herself. Of course the divine wants to make sure Liidas is okay, this leads to an H-scene (futa + visible ding dong -- you can 'look' or 'leave'). NOTE: You get 250Xp and I think 500 gold for each soldier you defeat.

NOTE: I defeated all the soldiers but could not get the dialog box with Robyn to appear. You can leave and re-enter the mansion and the soldiers will re-spawn, should you run into the same issue I did. I may go back defeat all the soldiers to see if I can get the dialog box with Robyn to appear.

Head back to your castle, the divine's room. Talk to Lialle let her know the two evelns are safe. At this point Lialle will mention she has more of your power. If you followed the previous dialog, back to when Cial and Lialle appeared to you while talking with Delira, your full power has been locked away, you don't get 'full power' just some more of it for the battles ahead, follow the dialog between Lialle and the Divine. Just pick 'accept', nothing bad happens to the girl storing your power, plus you get another H-scene.

NOTE: This seems to do nothing for accessing the Invisibility skill.

Talk to Lialle, she says you need to head off to the Elvens land, head for the castles main entrance door. You'll see a woman, standing in in your way. She is a baroness to a large piece of land on your island (her name--Kagi) Read the dialog!

As for the -- Island Town -- walkthrough I will use a previous posting , and try to figure out to move it so it's with the other town walkthroughs, under the 'quests' link. I will post any progress in that walkthrough. At some point I will just link the Divine's castle walkthrough in this paragraph I have yet to write down the various things that take place in the divines castle.


When you finally go outside you'll be stopped by Sophie (your escort) she seems rather excited to just head off to the elven land. You be prompted Two options, Yes or No. If you answer 'NO' the divine says 'not right now', 'remind me later'! Just say NO for the time being. This is pretty much a dead end to the Main Story Line, you could out of curiosity try it anyway just to see! But DO NOT SAVE THE GAME AT ANY POINT IF YOU SAY YES!

NOTE: If you say NO to Sophie, you can go to the next "load" scene, Sophie will walk up to you asking if they can go off the the Elven land. Example -- go back in the castle then back out she'll run up to you asking the same question, or go to the south of the castle, to the next scene and back towards the castle entrance. Same thing happens she bothers you about heading off.

NOTE: After answering, NO, you can still use Sophie to access the others towns.

If you say yes, you get a cut scene, then find yourself inside the ship awaiting the elven town, while waiting inside the ship you'll meet a 'close' friend of Sophie's, Duchess DeSeelian. WARNING: Like said before this is the END of the current Main Story Line. But you could still go on a little bit more.

You'll be prompted two questions!! -- 'Go to feast' -- 'Don't go (current end)' You get a cut scene you find yourself in DeSeelian's home, and your pretty much stuck in that home for good, or until Crouler updates the Story Line. You cannot go upstairs, nor outdoors.  

You can talk to DeSeelian -- 'Ask for sex' -- '(Quest ends here) Dinner'

The sex scene is not implemented, you just get a black screen and some dialog. Only to find the divine standing back in the same spot. You cannot leave the house nor can you go upstairs. As for dinner nothing happens at all!

We will be in wait mode until Crouler get to this. Hopefully he can complete the game! Update (not sure if Crouler saw the previous post, but Crouler has said on the blog site, he will continue to see the game through for "the foreseeable future"! Good news since the game has so much put into to it, and were not at the final version yet.


And yes I will try and keep the walkthroughs up-to-date, of course life is uncertain, so barring some unforeseen reason (s) I will try to keep up with it.

And a huge THANKS goes out to the previous author (authors) of these walkthroughs, if these didn't exist I am not sure I would have tried starting a walkthrough!! I wish anyone who has added to any of the walkthroughs would post there FANDOM name at top of this and the other "quests" sections.