Rei-Long Oak is a harbor town in the deserts of Emrionge. It seems to be relatively lawless, and the mayor, or the "town boss" seems to be more in control than anyone else.

Another NPC has been added a Drug User, she will approach you if you have drugs and beg for some, you can Give them to her, make her pay for them, make her perform sexual acts to get them, or you can heal her and cure her of her addiction. She will eventually die if you do not heal her, if you heal her she is found somewhere else in the game doing good for others.

ANother NPC's found thru out the game is a street Bandit who randomly appears and steals 500gold from the Divine, you need to be quick to catch and get your 500 back, you can choose to kill her or allow her to live. If she lives she keeps appearing and trying to pick pocket you out of 500gold.

Quests Edit

The soldiers letter Edit

A soldier outside the casino will inform you that she is from Everlight Village and that she has had no contact with her family since being deployed to the front lines. She is no longer certain that her family would even welcome her at home after having heard nothing from her in so long. At your suggestion, the soldier writes a letter to her mother that you promise to deliver the next time you are in Everlight.

When you deliver the letter (the house is left of the northern exit from town), the soldier's mother is very excited to have gotten word from her daughter and insists that the girl will always be welcome at home. The mother asks you to deliver a response to the daughter for her and, upon doing so, the girl returns home to be reunited with her mother and you are rewarded with 400g. (If you talk with her once more, the girl gives you an erotic sketch she made during the military service - "Kin's picture - Cia rape".)

As you progress through the game go back to their home ever now and then, at some point you can have sex with Satal, as your doing so you almost get caught by her wife Rieben. Go back talk to Rieben, nothing sexual happens just some formalities. As with Satal, continue your game progress, going back to visit them now and then at some point you will do the nasty with Rieben as well. You only get some H-scenes, and bump up your "sex"stats.

Helping Liz in the Inn Edit

Liz has created a plan to revive the town's slowly dying inn, but she needs your help! The first thing that she needs you to do is to recruit three people to come to the inn to help increase patronage. You can find these people scattered around Rei-Long Oak. One of them is an old woman near the street vendor, another is a "ninja girl" at the blacksmith's shop, and the final woman is the dark-haired girl looking at the job board. After sending all three women to the Inn, Liz is ready to begin step two.

The second stage of the plan is to bring entertainment to the inn. Liz wants musicians and dancers and tells you that the blacksmith's wife has connections that might help. Armed with this knowledge, set off to talk with the blacksmith's wife where you will be informed that she wants your assistance before she will help you out. She needs a letter retrieved that was stolen by some bandits in the desert north of Rei-Long Oak. Set off into the desert and make your way north-east until you find a small encampment, kill the bandits, search the chests, and return with the letter. The blacksmith's wife thanks you and agrees to have suitable people sent to the inn.

When you return to the inn, Liz is ready for the final part of her plan: Creating an area upstairs where people who can afford to pay the high price can stay and have high class prostitutes available for their every desire. In order to accomplish this, Liz wants you to speak with the mayor's concubine and find out what organization she works with.

The girl won't tell you, but agrees to have suitable women sent to the inn if you will do one small favor for her. She wants you to collect some special items from the desert that will tighten her vagina up from the abuse that it has received from the mayor. Head out into the desert and interact with five of the "steam-like" appearances to collect the items, then return to the concubine. She immediately consumes them and offers to let you use her as thanks, unlocking a sex scene and giving you future access to sex with her (including an additional sex scene). She then sends the prostitutes to the inn for you.

When you talk with Liz again, she thanks you for your help in turning the inn around and offers you a discount on sleeping upstairs (400g) as well as a 600g reward. Your first stay is free if you agree to have sex with her and Liz can be used for sex any time after purchasing a night upstairs. There are also two complimentary prostitutes available to guests upstairs. Sleeping with Liz rewards you with an extremely rough sex scene that is not for the faint of heart.

Arena Fighting Edit

Up to update this has been expanded on by Crouler, however I'm not sure what has been added other then the Divine fighting the current arena Champion.

Once you go down the steps from Rei-Long Oak you will be in the 'Spectators' (scene), you see the battle ring from the top.

There's the 'Fighters' part of the arena, go to the Northwest part of the arena enter thur the two large doors.

This is where you can join in and fight either monster enemies (the various non character enemies you've encountered throughout the game, even some of the monsters the Divine uses with his summoning power will appear in these battles they will be fighting against you). and human/semi-human. Talk to a women to the north-east she will explain the rules for battle and the rules for bets, once you talk to her about the battle rules the Divine can now go to the entrance of the Battle Ring.

NOTE: Just to clarify this ---You cannot use summoning powers during arena fights, but if you have used summoning power during various battles in normal game play, some of these will appear and battle against you.

At the Entrance of the battle ring there are 3 people the women standing at the entrance of the battle ring is for human/semi-human combatants. The Women to the right takes bets. And the orc to the left is for fighting monsters.

Monster: battles give you some but very little XP + money for winning, there's no real advance stages. In others words you cant 'level up', only fighting human/semi-human battle see you level up for every defeat. You gain higher XP points, money, the money reward has two payouts, you gain money after the defeat, with the XP points, and when you collect the winnings from bets others placed, which is collected from the women standing at the entrance of the battle ring.

Human/Semi-Human: After ever defeat you will level up, you will be faced with slightly harder combatants, you will also gain higher XP points, and money for every battle you win. NOTE: After you get Champion Title you can't fight anymore. Maybe more in future updates.

Magic Training Edit

The elderly woman in the competitor's area (in the center area, near the armor racks) offers to teach you magic if you can win two matches in the arena. In order to fight, you must first talk to the woman in the upper right of the room to hear the rules. After that, proceed to the trio to the south and speak with the orc to fight a creature or the blonde to fight a soldier. You are awarded xp and money for each win, as well as a reward from the arena. After winning two matches, return to the old woman and she will offer to teach you the:

- Heal spell (1,000g),

- Fire spell (700g)

- Ice spell (700g).

Elven Priest in the Arena Edit

If you keep fighting soldiers in the arena, you will be informed that there is an Elven Priest who has come to the arena in hopes of meeting you. When she was refused the chance, she instead entered as a competitor requesting to fight you (should be your 4th time fighting soldiers). After defeating her in the arena, she can be located near the beds. If you speak with her, she explains the history between the Divines and the Elves and asks you to impregnate her. If you agree, you receive a new sex scene and an xp bonus.

Mysterious woman Edit

There is an old woman on the west side of Rei-Long Oak that needs you to go fetch a potion that an imp stole from her. The imp in question is in the desert and can be reached by taking the trail that heads west on the south side of the desert. The imp will tell you that the old woman wants to use the potion to kill his real master and a fight will break out. Defeating the imp gets you the potion, which you can return to the old woman for a reward of 1,000g. The old woman then vanishes.

You can also drink the potion and get a sizable summoning experience and normal experience boost. The woman gets mad at you when you return, and then vanishes (which will give you another quest about that mysterious woman later in Capital City - about stolen necklace).

Lej Vhakh Edit

To start this quest must find the ghostly woman (you need at least 125 of the summoning experience level) at the end of the dock. After a scene (you will get 250 of summoning experience) she will disappear to continue you must go to the mountains between Everlight and Rei-long the cave that had been previously blocked will now be open. Among other things, you get a Steel Sword.

Once you had take care of the guards (they have about 4000 HP) go to the circle and made your decision. If you decide to release Lej Vhakh, you will have to defeat a demon and Lej will be teleported to Ceeves Ocean church.

Go there to have a chat with her. She will tell you about her kidnapping and other things. Once you had all the information, you have to reengage her in conversation again to proceed to the next part of the quest.

She will tell you that you have to search and destroy two demons near Everlight. One of them could be found in the forest between Everlight and Rei-Long Oak. The other one is in the spooky forest, to the left going from Everlight.

When you report back to Lej, she offers to teach you the Water spell, but she warns you that the spell is weaker that it should. To strengthen it, she suggests that you visit two temples water (apparently they are not added to the game yet as of version In any case, talk to her again to carry on with this quest.

The next round implies to kill 15 Succubi. Some of the localizations when you can find them are: one in the misty woods north of Everlight Village, one in the orc-infested woods south of Everlight Village, one on the mountain cliffside trail outside of the orc chief caves, one inside the orc chief caves, one inside the cave where Lej Vhakh was trapped with the demon, and one in the desert north of Rei-Long Oak (Succubi are respawning so you can farm them in one place all the time just by going to another location - cave for example - and then back to kill next). After reaching the required number of kills you will be stopped on the stairs to the capital Church by the succubus queen and given a choice. Next, Lej Vhakh would request you to kill the Demon Mage that blocks her divination spells. Go through the portal she made and solve several easy riddles on the way. You have to kill Guardian Gargoyle and the boss magus to fulfill the request. You will be rewarded with a powerful staff with a big INT bonus and an offer from the succubus queen Lucia to become your companion (her spells are Mass Heal and Mass Fire). At this point Lej Vhakh will move to your castle.

HINT! You won't find her in castle for now because this plot is not added yet as of version

Casino Fluffies Edit

A woman named Alechia can be found in the commoner section of Rei-Long Oak's Casino, where the lottery can be found. (Enter the casino and go straight up, then talk to one of the two casino employees to enter the commoner section. After that, go to the south-east corner of the room and move up until you come across a hallway off to the right side, and follow it to the lottery area. Alechia is the woman to the far right side of the lottery room, which black hair in a ponytail wearing all pink.) Alechia wants to win a Fluffy Sword, but has found herself unable to do so. After talking to her, agree to give her said Fluffy Sword if you win it. To play the lottery you must use five 100G Notes. I'm not sure which treasure chest the Fluffy Sword is set to, nor do I know the chances of winning it. The reward for winning the Fluffy Sword and giving it to Alechia (just talk to her after winning it to give it to her) is a Weird Gem. I have no idea what it does.

The diary of a madwoman Edit

If you find all pictures (eleven in total) hidden in your free V.I.P. suite at the casino, a letter will appear in the door. Reading the letter a mystery person will invite you the meet her in the desert, it's Sullia and she will invite you to be party in this wrong path of pleasure. If you say yes, go back to the V.I.P. suite and watch the scene, you will be rewarded with 2 filled condom Demon Seed. Now you can speak with Sullia in the hall before the V.I.P. suite, just to see that it's all for this version of game (as of version there is only one sex scene... but who knows how many of them will be added in future...). Note: I am not sure if this plot continues as of I will revisit this plot.

If you say no she will get mad and end up attacking you. Part way through the fight, most likely after a certain amount of damage, she will summon a cerberus to assist her. After the battle she dies and you get a Steel armor, which is one of the current best armors available in the game.

The Casino Edit

You begin this quest line from Siné in the casino.

The first time you try to enter the casino, you will be stopped by the bouncer and escorted to see Siné. After berating her assistant for not immediately alerting her that the Divine was in the casino, she gives you a free V.I.P. suite at the casino for life and takes you on a tour of the place. She is interrupted when her sister requests to see her, forcing her to leave you to explore on your own and giving you 10 "100G" notes (casino currency). Returning to her office and speaking to her again will begin the quest.

Siné and her sister Jane believe that someone is stealing from the casino and ask you to go and find the culprit. They believe they have eliminated all of the employees as suspects, so keep your searches to patrons instead of workers. To find your first clue, exit the office, go through the dining area, and turn south. Speak with the woman with dark hair wearing white. She will tell you that she saw a nervous looking woman heading into the V.I.P. area (mind reading will prove that she is telling the truth), so head west.

When you get into the casino lobby (room with the big, crazy rug on the floor) you will see a woman with the same sprite as before walking around. Speak with her and she will tell you that she saw a woman fighting some thugs, though she doesn't believe the woman is a thief. She will give you a description of the woman and send you on your way. Mind reading will verify the truth of her statements.

Continue west and you will find a Chun-Li inspired sprite standing in the upper left corner of the room. Speak with her to find out that she is actually the one you're looking for. You agree to meet her in your room where she explains that she is actually a detective named Shing from the capital. She is investigating 100G notes that are being found on bandits that are being apprehended around the country. Shing is part of a group that is swapping real 100G notes with special ones to allow the detectives to track down which casino is funding these bandits. She says that she believes the casino in Rei-Long Oak is not involved and you lead her to Siné to discuss what is happening. After a cutscene, you are rewarded with a new ring (accessory).

Speaking with Siné again will advance to the next quest in the chain, where Siné requests that you go speak with the mayor regarding an agreement that the two of them have. When you get to the mayor's house, you are treated to a scene where the Divine listens to Climara having sex with her whore until the mayor's demonic penis vanishes. After ranting to you about it, Climara asks you to have sex with her to finish her off since your presence interrupted her before she could orgasm. You're given a sex scene for your troubles and told to go back and tell Siné that Climara will send her a letter soon. Speaking with Siné gets you 2,000g for your efforts and the next leg of the quest line.

Siné tells you that Jane wishes to meet you in the V.I.P. dining area. When you speak with Jane, you agree to dine with her and experience a most interesting service that the casino offers to V.I.P. diners - oral sex while you eat! Jane explains an idea that she has been working on and you get a couple of new sex scenes.

Return to Siné's office and she will tell you that Shing wished to speak with you. Shing is currently at the blacksmith's shop, so meet her there. She will tell you that the casino investigation was her last case and thank you for helping her make it successful. She offers to help you if you ever need her, though I have currently not found a way to get her to do anything else.

Speaking with Siné again after you talk with Shing will bring a request from Siné to pick up a piece of artwork for her from her contact in the capital. Her contact is none other than Princess Sia and you can find her in the church district markets. She is a purple-haired woman speaking with a black haired cat woman vendor. When you leave the church area to return to the docks, you will be stopped by a prostitute named Foxy. She will tell you that she was hired to have sex with you. If you question her or read her mind, you will see that she knows nothing of a conspiracy against you. You're free to have sex with her if you wish, but you will be attacked afterwards. Choosing not to have sex with her causes no issues, as she has already been paid and the attack never occurs.

Return to the casino and give the painting to Siné. She will excuse herself to look at the painting in the casino vault while sending you outside of the casino to meet with Jane. When you speak with Jane, she will ask you to become a collector of paintings created by someone known as "Delangue", who creates erotic art. She will ask that when you have 10 paintings that you have on display in your castle, return to her and speak with her at the offices of the casino.


Four are in the hands of two adventurers (Jane and Sifael). You get each one after you defeat the two in combat, and each time the battle is more difficult than before.

The first time find them at the very start of the game (in the deserted shoreline). Where the Divines lands after defeating or escaping the ghosts/Demon.

The second time they can be found in Fuar. head north then west, just before the Spa..

The third time you find them in a hole in the ground. Go to the desert north of Rei-Long Oak and look for the hole north of the town exit. Note: There are some minor bugs with the third encounter, but nothing game-breaking.

The fourth and final time you find them is in your Castle. As you walk in go to your left, in that small room, and you will see them. You don't have to fight them this time around.

FOR THE OTHER PAINTINGS................. These are in random order, but will give you the required 10 to move on in this quest line.

(5) Ceeves Ocean: is in the Church section of the Capital. Down from the church. Talk to a Noble Woman wearing very extravagant clothing you'll have to pay out 20,000 for the painting.

(6) Ceeves Ocean: The houses to the left of the Church, you want to walk into the house in the Middle!

(7) Ceeves Ocean: Queens Castle: Go into the basement, once there go inside the gated area and search around.

(8) Ceeves Ocean (Noble District) Talk to the Maid, leave the boat dock and head right (west). The Leonell's (Mansion) however you will need to complete a quest Leonell wants the Heir of the Silverreed for the Painting.

(9) Rei Long Oak: You'll find a bandit wondering around, she will approach the Divine about a painting he may be interested in.

(10) Everlight: GO to the Mayors home and search the first floor the painting is hanging on a wall in front of the entrance door, look at it then ask the Mayor about having it.

Blackmailed Shing Edit

(Prerequisite: Complete "The Casino" quest until Shing moves to blacksmith - you have to talk to her first there)

To start this quest you have to find horse accusations. Go most western part of Rei-Long Oak and check barrel between two buildings - small alley - previously blocked by caravan. There is small blue item on that barrel. Interact with it and pick it up. Now you have to check this item in your inventory. Open accusations and read the letter with first picture (also you can check them all if you wish). You will get short monologue by ur character. Go to blacksmith building here in town and talk to Shing about this. After short conversation you will get an new option. Talk to Shing again and invite her to your castle! Yeah... Finally come beauty to collection. Shing will move immediately to your castle.

Travel to Castle and just when you enter inside you will notice Shing talking to one of guards there. Talk to her and she will move then to Church Area of your Castle. Go and visit her there. She is talking with one of Priests there who can help her with investigation.

To go further in with this quest you have to travel to another region by caravan and then back to your castle. Visit Shing again and she will have news about culprit. You can help her now which is obvious choice.

Travel to Rei-Long Oak Casino with information gathered from Shing and visit VIP rooms. Just go to your own VIP room where you can sleep and even will trigger. Instead of confront culprit you will find a demon having fun with two girls. One of them is your culprit and after short conversation you will know that this demon take care about problem. Demon will also mention her mistress but not by a name so it is still mystery. Travel back to your Castle and visit Shing to inform her about news. As a reward Shing will offer you herself which means she will become your new concubine! Yeah!

Sadly as of release there is no further concubine status with Shing so she will be stationing at Church Area untill Crouler will add a plot with her. Talking to her will give you same dialogue with solving culprit problem as before.

Notable NPC's Edit