The world of AloneXP is a world full of women. There are no males, except for some who come every thousands of years, and these are regarded as the divines. Gods in this alternate universe portrayed in the game. Playing as the divine the player is thrown in to a world where war is threatening against the neighboring country. What is more, the divine played by the player is arriving just a few years after the last divine died. The game's focus is mainly on the things happening in Emrionge as the divine starts walking the lands again.

Emrionge Edit

Emrionge is the country the game mainly takes place in. Emrionge is a kingdom, or a "queendom" since no males exist except for the divines, currently ruled by Queen Dirillia. The country is ruled in a feudal system where the queen rules supreme next to the church, and nobles of different ranks serve as her vassals.

The size of the country is currently unknown, however it does go from the frozen north of Fuar to the deserts of Rei-Long Oak, suggesting a very large country.

The Army of Emrionge and the war. Edit

The army of Emrionge is structured with ranks deciding the authority of the officers. The command structure and armor styles go like this:

Recruit or soldierEdit

Wearing a blue armor and blue hat


Wearing a Yellow armor


Wearing a Blue armor with blue cape

Senior LieutenantEdit

Wearing a black set with red cape

Captain Edit

Wearing a Gray/White armor

Senior CaptainEdit

Wearing a Gray White with black Cape

App MajorEdit

Wearing a red Armor

Major Edit

Wearing a Green Armor

Commanding MajorEdit

​Wearing a green Armor with Brown cape


Wearing their own choice of armor.

A famous colonel named Tarrie has been offered the seat as a general, but she declined.


Wearing their own choice of armor.

Only two generals exist in Emrionge at any given time.

The command structure is pretty straightforward except for the Senior captains who consist of retired generals and others with great military understanding who functions as advisers, yet are unable to participate in battles, or who are not worth being risked in real battles.

Once someone reaches the rank of commanding Major they will normally receive their own little army, normally controlling a garrison somewhere.

The Zeathens and Zeilat Edit

Emrionge is waging war against the Zeathens. So far the game has not elaborated too much on this, but in the game a lot of references have been made to the war, and a plot under what would appear to be Zeathen command appears to be unfolding. The Zeathens live in a country called Zeilat, which much like the Zeathens there is very little information on.

The Religion of the DivinesEdit

In Emrionge a divine appears roughly every 1000 years. Currently 8 divines have walked the land before the player starts the game. The world is fiercely religious and the divines are regarded as living gods by the people.

The church of the divines is set up to uphold the authority of the divines and to guide the people with the teachings of their faith.

Divine: LiglocEdit

One of the fairest of the divines. He came to rule in a war torn world, and was the first, and probably also the strongest divine to have walked the world. He became known as a "Divine" when he proved to not only differ in physique, compared to the population before him, but also because he could summon creatures without going through a contract, like one would normally does. One night he had a vision, that others like him would come. Hence forth any "man" who was born, would become the next divine.

Divine: RollocEdit

He was the second divine. Unlike Ligloc he did not excel in magic, but instead had superhuman strength. His special power was that he could turn his very flesh into steel, while still moving around. He was a great warrior, but he was fairly simple, and did not actually rule himself. He appointed a queen to rule the country instead, knowing he was not fit for the position. He was the man who made it into a patriarchy. After him the divines would be the head of the church. He did however enjoy women, and had countless women surround him at all times. The Zeathens however used this, and managed to assassinate him by sending one of their most beautiful women. See, Rolloc never slept with the same woman twice, unless she was something out of the ordinary, and he had several each night, so the woman the Zeathens sent killed him, and even managed to escape.

Divine: Ni-KingEdit

Ni-King. Also known as the rogue. He was the third divine. He never really entered the world of politics, preferring to simply travel the world. He however stood loyal to the land, and defended it against the Zeathens on several occasions. He was the king of stealth, and his special attribute was that he could turn himself invisible. He was never known for his great strength, but rather his brilliant planning skills. He won several battles without even facing the opponent, by simply laying traps or scaring his opponent into a retreat. It is impossible to say that he was either good or evil since he never actually did anything to show his true alignment in public, but one thing is known. That is, he never asked for the company of any woman. Rumors say he enjoyed capturing outlaws and zeathens, making them into his slaves, in his secret castle, said to be on an island no one else has ever known.

Divine: CrucacorEdit

An evil divine. He legalized slavery and slaughtered countless civilians for simply questioning his divinity. Crucacors Special ability was mind reading, which was often used to see the intentions of his underlings. Countless would be assassins died by his hand. After his reign the country suffered for a long time because of incompetent use of the stockpiles and pretty much everything that could hold the population alive. He was, however, a fierce warrior and managed, on several occasions to keep the Zeathens at bay,with a small, or even no army to back him up.

Divine: AzzalEdit

Azzal was a mysterious Divine in many ways. He illigalized slavery after he came to the world, and thus was the first divine to directly oppose a previous one. He seemed to disappear from time to time, and no one really knew where he went, until it was discovered that he could teleport into another realm. In that realm he had created his own castle and own "lands". Thing is, the realm was a demonic realm, and he had recruited many demons to fight by his side. His pocket plane, as it was, would allow him to teleport there, whenever he felt like it. As for him, he was neither good or evil. Often picking decisions that could go either way. His fighting prowess was not spectacular, but his pocket plane had allowed him to sign contracts with countless demons and so he had an army behind him, on top of the army of the the worldly plane.

Divine: CrikoffEdit

Cricoff was a very just and fair divine. He was known to kick start the economy, that was on the verge of collapsing at the time, by investing in several businesses, and never claiming his earnings. One thing was, that he loved women. He had hundreds, or thousands of servants in his castle at all times, and several would always be ready for his "needs" should they surface. However, due to his giving nature, and to his convincing person, it was never considered a bad thing to be chosen to be his "companion of the night". His ability was that he could turn invisible, thus being the first divine with the same ability as an old one to be. Little else is known, because, whenever he did so, he would never say what he had done, but it is known that the Zeathens lost several hundred top officers during Crikoffs lifetime.

Divine: Hlaland Edit

Hlaland was a wizard of great power. Only surpassed by Ligloc himself in the field of magic. Though Hlaland could not summon creatures like Ligloc, he was the first divine to have the power to control living beings. He could use others as living puppets, and he used this ability to get countless followers. The divines almost became known as "villains" due to Hlalands vicious ways, and his evil nature, since he did nothing to help the people, but instead used them for his own gain. Hlaland was actually also  assassinated. The church claims it was the Zeathens, though many thinks that it was the high priest herself who did so.

Divine: Jannaché Edit

The divine who died just 2 years before your arrival. A good and noble divine in all aspects. When he came to the world chaos seemed to rule over it, and he spent his entire life fighting in a civil war, caused by zeathen infiltration. He discovered in the end how the Zeathens had started it all, and actually managed to calm things down, capturing several spies in the process. His special ability was that he could create anything with the use of magic. Not as in creating spells and such, but he could create a city with magic, or simply a house or maybe even a castle. He was the person who made the Castle in Ceeves Ocean, which made Ceeves ocean the lands capital. He would often travel around, though it is not known where to. He could be gone for a year or so, and when he got back he would bring several exotic artifacts, which he donated to the church. He died by old age 2 years before you came, as before mentioned.